Health and the American Indian discusses contemporary health and social concerns in American Indian communities and offers recommendations for prevention, treatment, and future research. You’ll benefit from recent research that examines topics relating to physical and mental health, such as health care, gambling, historical trauma response, child welfare, and Native American involvement in the Human Genome Diversity Project. In Health and the American Indian, you’ll find cutting-edge information about various concerns in American Indian society that will assist you in offering culturally sensitive services to clients. Using in-depth studies and statistics to highlight issues facing Native Americans, this book provides you with an understanding of American Indian views on family, health, and being Native American. With Health and the American Indian, you’ll find suggestions and methods to sharpen your service skills, including:

  • exploring differences in the historical trauma response between men and women to effectively treat both groups
  • investigating the positive and negative effects that gambling has had on members of the community by using Grounded Theory
  • combating problems related to gambling by redistributing a percentage of gaming income towards gaming abuse prevention and treatment programs, traditional community activities, and child care
  • participating in continuing education or in-service training on cultural issues and understanding a client’s cultural background in order to better help clients utilize the benefits of the Indian Child Welfare Act
  • using the Family Systems approach along with community health representatives in health care interventions to provide better health care for Native Americans
Exploring the topic of genetic engineering, Health and the American Indian discusses the Human Genome Diversity Project, gene patents, and how Native Americans who supply genetic material are being exploited and see no compensation for their assistance. Examining how exploitation and fear stand in the way of better physical and mental well-being, Health and the American Indian offers you methods and suggestions to help prevent and improve existing health issues in Native American communities.