Examine issues of vital importance to you and your disabled clients—today and in the years to come!

This groundbreaking text provides you with up-to-date, authoritative information that will prove to be of critical importance for disability professionals in the coming years. It will leave you better informed about aspects of disability that have not been well covered in the literature—issues surrounding spirituality, civil rights, and the “medical model vs. social (or minority) model” (of viewing disability) controversy. You’ll examine the impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the wake of the Supreme Court’s narrowing of the Act’s powers and explore newly developed theories designed to more accurately define the true meaning of disability.

Disability Issues for Social Workers and Human Services Professionals in the Twenty-First Century explores:

  • the current—and potential—roles of spirituality and religion in the rehabilitation process
  • the use of medication in treating disability—with a study focusing on children in foster care whose emotional/behavioral disabilities are medically (rather than psychologically) treated
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in college students—how it impacts them as a disability requiring academic accommodations
  • disability as an aspect of cultural diversity—with suggested methods for educating the non-disabled about people with disabilities
  • limitations on the civil rights of those with disabilities—and what can be done to eliminate those limitations
  • computer technologies designed to aid people with disabilities—with an examination of a health promotion Web site for children with disabilities and their families
  • disability and the managed mental health system—with an examination of the differences in service utilization and satisfaction in rural and urban areas
  • how disability can be viewed as a social construct, rather than something that is inherent to the disabled person
Keeping current with new developments is imperative for social workers and other professionals whose work affects people with disabilities. Disability Issues for Social Workers and Human Services Professionals in the Twenty-First Century provides the information you need to stay on the cutting edge of progress in this rapidly evolving field.

chapter |4 pages


ByJohn W. Murphy, John T. Pardeck

section |165 pages

Disability Practice in the Twenty-First Century

chapter |37 pages

The Use of Religion and Spiritual Strategies in Rehabilitation

ByDebra J. Morrison-Orton

chapter |13 pages

Medication of Children and Youth in Foster Care

ByDiane L. Green, Wesley Hawkins, Michelle Hawkins

chapter |19 pages

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Community College Students

A Seldom Considered Factor in Academic Success
ByPaula Gilbert

section |65 pages

Disability Policy and Programs in the Twenty-First Century

chapter |17 pages

Reaching Out

Evaluation of a Health Promotion Website for Children with Disabilities and Their Families
ByVirginia Rondero Hernandez, Katherine Selber, Mary Tijerina, Jennifer Mallow

chapter |16 pages

Rural and Urban Differences Among Mental Health Consumers in One Midwestern State

Implications for Policy, Practice, and Research
ByJohn Q. Hodges, Martha Markward, Dong Pil Yoon, Carol J. Evans

section |17 pages

Disability Theory in the Twenty-First Century

chapter |11 pages

Social Norms and Their Implications for Disability

ByJohn W. Murphy

chapter |5 pages


ByJohn W. Murphy, John T. Pardeck