This volume offers comprehensive coverage of the archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England, bringing together essays on specifi fields, sites and objects, and offering the reader a representative range of both traditional and new methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches to the subject.

chapter Chapter 1|23 pages

Looking Forward, Looking Back

Excavating the Field of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology
ByKelley M. Wickham-Crowley

chapter Chapter 2|28 pages

Exploring, Explaining, Imagining Anglo-Saxon Archaeology 1998

ByMartin O. H. Carver

chapter Chapter 3|26 pages

The Fifth and Sixth Centuries

Reorganization Among the Ruins
ByDavid A. Hinton

chapter Chapter 4|40 pages

An Early Medieval Building Tradition

BySimon James, Anne Marshall, Martin Millett

chapter Chapter 5|18 pages

York 700–1050

ByRichard A. Hall

chapter Chapter 6|17 pages

Monkwearmouth and Jarrow in their Continental Context

ByRosemary Cramp

chapter Chapter 7|40 pages

The Anglo-Saxon Cathedral Church at Canterbury

ByH. M. Taylor

chapter Chapter 8|37 pages

Anglo-Saxon Church Building

Aspects of Design and Construction
ByWarwick Rodwell

chapter Chapter 10|37 pages

The Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Sutton Hoo

An Interim Report
ByMartin O. H. Carver

chapter Chapter 11|22 pages

Beowulf and Sutton Hoo

The Odd Couple
ByRoberta Frank

chapter Chapter 12|20 pages

Children, Death and the Afterlife in Anglo-Saxon England

BySally Crawford

chapter Chapter 13|15 pages

An Anglo-Saxon “Cunning Woman” from Bidford-on-Avon

ByTania M. Dickinson

chapter Chapter 14|28 pages

Questioning the Monuments

Approaches to Anglo-Saxon Sculpture through Gender Studies
ByCarol Farr

chapter Chapter 15|19 pages

Statements in Stone

Anglo-Saxon Sculpture, Whitby and the Christianization of the North
ByJane Hawkes