First published in 1988. It is now well over fifty years since the publication in Britain of the Board of Education's (1933) Syllabus of Physical Training for Schools. It is still a remarkable document, not only for the amount of detail it provides on the teaching of PE but also for the status and position it accorded Physical Education (then called Training) in the elementary school curriculum. The contributors to this reader together begin to provide descriptive and illustrative insights into the lives of teachers on the contemporary educational scene, into the problems and the possibilities which many face when trying to realize their hopes and ambitions for themselves and their children.

chapter |19 pages


Teachers, Teaching and Control
ByJohn Evans, Brian Davies

chapter |20 pages

Growing Old Gracefully?

Age, Identity and Physical Education
ByPatricia J. Sikes

chapter |16 pages

Promotion and the Physical Education Teacher

ByRobert G. Burgess

chapter |25 pages

Settling Down

An Examination of Two Women Physical Education Teachers
ByThomas. J. Templin, Kevin Bruce, Linda Hart

chapter |14 pages

Patriarchy and Ethnicity

The Link between School Physical Education and Community Leisure Activities
ByBruce Carrington, Trevor Williams

chapter |11 pages

Competition, Cooperation and Control

ByOliver Leaman

chapter |19 pages

Changing the Face of Physical Education

ByJohn Evans, Gill Clarke

chapter |11 pages

The Limits of Change in Physical Education

Ideologies, Teachers and the Experience of Physical Activity 1
ByLisa George, David Kirk

chapter |17 pages

Control and Responsibility in Outdoor Education

Residential Experience and YTS Students
ByAnthony Rosie