The interplay between emotional and intellectual elements feature heavily in the research of a variety of scientific fields, including neuroscience, the cognitive sciences and artificial intelligence (AI). This collection of key introductory texts by top researchers worldwide is the first study which introduces the subject of artificial intelligence and music to beginners. Eduardo Reck Miranda received a Ph.D. in music and artificial intelligence from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He has published several research papers in major international journals and his compositions have been performed worldwide. Also includes 57 musical examples.

chapter 1|13 pages

Regarding Music, Machines, Intelligence and the Brain

An Introduction to Music and AI

chapter 3|18 pages

Musical Knowledge

What can Artificial Intelligence Bring to the Musician?

chapter 6|29 pages

Computer Analysis of Jazz Chord Sequence

Is Solar A Blues?

chapter 13|36 pages

Artificial Intelligence in Music Education

A Critical Review