This volume supports the belief that a revised and advanced science education can emerge from the convergence and synthesis of several current scientific and technological activities including examples of research from cognitive science, social science, and other discipline-based educational studies. The anticipated result: the formation of science education as an integrated discipline.

part I|85 pages

View from the Disciplines

chapter 1|28 pages

A View From Physics

ByLillian C. McDermott

chapter 2|24 pages

Research in Chemical Education: Results and Directions

ByJ. Dudley Herron

chapter 3|14 pages

Biology Education Research: A View from the Field

ByJim Stewart

chapter 4|17 pages

Toward a Scientific Practice of Mathematics Education

ByJack Lochhead

part II|93 pages

Instructional Design

chapter 5|19 pages

Transcending Prevailing Approaches to Science Education

ByFrederick Reif

chapter 6|29 pages

Interactive Learning Environments and the Teaching of Science and Mathematics

ByAnn L. Brown, Joseph C. Camptioone

chapter 7|21 pages

A Practical Authoring Shell for Apprenticeship Learning

ByWilliam J. Clancey, Kurt Joerger

chapter 8|17 pages

An Applied Science of Instructional Design

ByJill H. Larkin, Carol Scheftic, Ruth W. Chabay

part III|83 pages

Social Contexts of Learning Science

chapter 9|16 pages

Using Social Context for Science Teaching 1

ByDenis Newman

chapter 10|15 pages

Adolescent Social Categories—Information and Science Learning

ByPenelope Eckert

chapter 12|15 pages

Cooperative Learning in Science, Mathematics, and Computer Problem Solving

ByVincent N. Lunetta

part IV|77 pages

The Impact of Technology

chapter 15|20 pages

Grapher: A Case Study in Educational Technology, Research, and Development

ByAlan H. Schoenfeld

chapter 16|22 pages

Social Niches for Future Software

ByAndrea A. diSessa