This engaging text examines issues in education and curriculum theory from multiple critical perspectives. Students are encouraged to look at education from the "inside" (the complex processes, methods and relations that operate within schools) and from the "outside" (the larger social, economic, and political forces that have affected schools over time). Each essay begins with "Guiding Questions" and concludes with "Questions for Discussion," "Teachers as Researchers" activities, and "Suggested Readings."

chapter |20 pages


Turning the Study of Education Inside/Out
ByRebecca A. Martusewicz, William M. Reynolds

chapter |16 pages

Deconstruction and Nothingness

Some Cross-Cultural Lessons on Teaching Comparative World Civilization
ByEdward K. Berggren

chapter |24 pages

Antiracist Pedagogy in a College Classroom

Mutual Recognition and a Logic of Paradox
ByAnn Berlak

chapter |18 pages

Marxism and Education

ByAlan A. Block

chapter |20 pages

School Routines and the Failure of Curriculum Reform

ByCharles E. Bruckerhoff

chapter |10 pages

Representation, Self-Representation, and the Meanings of Difference

Questions for Educators
ByElizabeth Ellsworth

chapter |12 pages

Enticing Challenges

An Introduction to Foucault and Educational Discourses
ByJennifer M. Gore

chapter |17 pages

From the Margin to the Center

Teachers's Emerging Voices through Inquiry
ByJaime Gerardo A. Grinberg

chapter |16 pages

Margins of Exclusion, Margins of Transformation

The Place of Women in Education
ByAngéline Martel, Linda Peterat

chapter |16 pages

Guardians of Childhood

ByRebecca A. Martusewicz

chapter |18 pages

Margaret A. Haley, 1861–1939

A Timeless Mentor for Teachers as Leaders
ByMaureen McCormack

chapter |8 pages

Solitary Spaces

Women, Teaching, and Curriculum
ByJanet L. Miller

chapter |13 pages

Curriculum as Making Do

ByWilliam M. Reynolds, Alan A. Block

chapter |16 pages

The Practice of Freedom

A Historical Analysis of Critical Perspectives in the Social Foundations
ByWilliam M. Reynolds, Rebecca A. Martusewicz

chapter |26 pages

Resisting Racial Awareness

How Teachers Understand the Social Order from Their Racial, Gender, and Social Class Locations
ByChristine E. Sleeter

chapter |20 pages

The Foundations of Social Education in Historical Context

ByWilliam B. Stanley, Jack L. Nelson