Early Professional Development has recently been recognized throughout the UK as a key area for improving the quality of teaching and learning in schools. All teachers need support to move from novice to expert. Set out here is a range of articles to help them achieve that goal. Included are practical strategies for investigating classrooms, ideas about teaching and learning, and key debates concerning professional development, all selected with the aim of moving classroom practice forward. This book offers teachers the opportunity to explore the latest debates on professional development as well as providing practical tips for use in the classroom, and is a rich resource for those teachers committed to developing their teaching for the benefit of their pupils.

part 1|97 pages

Teaching Early Professional Development: the context

chapter 3|7 pages

Teacher Expertise

part 2|175 pages

Teaching for Learning

chapter 17|17 pages

Research into Teacher Effectiveness

chapter 19|21 pages

Matching Teaching to Learning

chapter 21|13 pages

Vernacular Pedagogy

part 3|122 pages

The Classroom Teacher and School-based Research

chapter 28|15 pages

Learning through Reflection