Drawing on the experiences of scientists, researchers, practitioners and teachers in a wide range of sport and exercise settings, this book explores contemporary issues in reflective practice and considers the way that reflective practice impacts upon applied practice, on research methodology and on professional development. It includes chapters on the use of reflective practice in areas as diverse as:

    • delivering coach education
    • sport psychology support
    • working in sports physiology
    • developing young players in sport
    • exercise-related interventions
    • physiotherapy
    • working inside a professional football club
    • student skills and the physical activity and health curriculum

Based on multi-disciplinary work in education and the health sciences, and exploring the crucial interface between learning and practice, this book is important reading for all sport and exercise scientists and any professional working in sport and exercise looking to become more effective practitioners.

part |14 pages

Key principles of reflective practice

part |41 pages

Critical perspectives within reflective practice

chapter 3|10 pages

Where's the evidence?

A review of empirical reflective practice research within sport

chapter 4|9 pages

Reflecting forward

Exploring reflective methodologies with and for children

chapter 5|9 pages

Keeping the cat alive

‘Getting' reflection as part of professional practice

part |55 pages

Pedagogical approaches to reflective practice

chapter 6|10 pages

Sink or swim

Case study reflections from an undergraduate football scientist

chapter 8|11 pages

Reflections on reflection

Some personal experiences of delivering higher education coach education

part |69 pages

Applied practice

chapter 11|9 pages

‘They never bought me flowers'

Storytelling as a means of critical reflection on applied sport psychology practice

chapter 12|13 pages

Critical reflections from sports physiology and nutrition

Tales from pitch side to ringside

chapter 13|10 pages

Using critical incident reflection in qualitative research

Transferable skills for sport psychologists?

chapter 14|13 pages

Mindful supervision in sport and performance psychology

Building the quality of the supervisor—supervisee relationship

chapter 16|13 pages

Reflective practice in talent development

A narrative inquiry of a coaching psychology intervention

part |9 pages

Reflecting forwards