A Practical Guide to Teaching Physical Education in the Secondary School is written for all student teachers on university and school-based initial teacher education courses. It offers a wealth of tried and tested strategies together with practical activities and materials to support both your teaching and your pupils’ learning. It is designed for you to dip in and out of, to enable you to focus on specific areas of teaching or foci on your course.

This second edition is fully updated with the most recent research and developments in the field and includes brand new chapters. Key topics covered include:

  • Understanding your own views about your subjectNEW
  • Lesson planning and schemes of work
  • Physical Education and Key Skills
  • Using ICT
  • Cross-curricular teaching and learningNEW
  • Safe practice, risk assessment and risk management
  • Applying theories of learning to your practice
  • Helping pupils meet intended learning outcomesNEW
  • Promoting positive behaviourNEW
  • Overcoming barriers and maximising the achievement of all pupilsNEW
  • Assessing learning
  • Working with others
  • Reflective practice and action research.

Photocopiable resources offer easy assistance in lesson observation, planning, preparation, delivery and evaluation. An annotated further reading section at the end of each chapter provides advice about selection of the best resources on the web and elsewhere.

Illustrated throughout with examples of existing good practice, this highly practical resource offers valuable support and inspiration to all student teachers as well as those in the early years of their teaching career.


A Practical Guide to Teaching Physical Education in the Secondary School, 2nd edition is a companion to Learning to Teach Physical Education in the Secondary School, 3rd edition and can be used to reinforce the basic teaching skills covered in that core textbook. The book can also be used equally successfully on its own.

chapter |4 pages


BySusan Capel, Peter Breckon

part |2 pages

Part I Knowing your subject

chapter 1|8 pages

The nature of physical education

ByMargaret Whitehead

chapter 2|5 pages

How aims and objectives infl uence teaching

ByMargaret Whitehead

part |2 pages

Part II Planning for pupil learning

chapter 4|8 pages

Long-term planning: schemes of work

ByPeter Breckon

chapter 5|20 pages

Medium- and short-term planning: units of work and lesson plans

ByPeter Breckon

chapter 7|14 pages

Planning for pupils’ learning in broader dimensions of the curriculum 2: key skills

ByBarbara Walsh, Julie Money

chapter 9|10 pages

Planning for the contribution of physical education to cross-curricular activity

BySuzanne Everley, Andy Wild

chapter 10|26 pages

Teaching safely and safety in physical education

ByAnne Chappell

part |2 pages

Part III Teaching for pupil learning

chapter 11|16 pages

Applying theories of learning to your practice

ByVanessa Jones, Lerverne Barber

chapter 12|13 pages

Creating an effective learning environment

ByJulia Lawrence

chapter 13|8 pages

Teaching to enable intended learning outcomes to be achieved

BySusan Capel, Richard Blair, Julia Longville

chapter 14|14 pages

Teaching to promote positive behaviour

ByKerry Whitehouse

chapter 15|17 pages

Overcoming barriers and maximising the achievement of all pupils

ByGill Golder

chapter 16|14 pages

Assessing pupils’ learning

ByMark Bowler, Sophy Bassett, Angela Newton

chapter 17|7 pages

Working with others

ByRichard Blair

part |2 pages

Part IV Your own professional learning

chapter 19|14 pages

The refl ective practitioner

ByPaula Zwozdiak-Myers

chapter 20|14 pages

Action research

ByPaula Zwozdiak-Myers