The Virtual Embodied is intended to inform, provoke and delight. It explores the ideas of embodiment, knowledge, space, virtue and virtuality to address fundamental questions about technology and human presence. It juxtaposes cutting-edge theories, polemics, and creative practices to uncover ethical, aesthetic and ecological implications of why, how and in particular where, human actions, observations and insights take place.
In The Virtual Embodied, many of the authors, artists, performers and designers apply their interdisciplinary passions to questions of embodied knowledge and virtual space. In doing so it chooses to acknowledge the limitations of the conventional linear book and uses them creatively to challenge existing genres of multi-media and networked consumerism.

chapter |9 pages

tacit knowledge

chapter |1 pages


part |2 pages

part one embodied knowledge and virtual space

part |2 pages

part two nature and virtue

chapter |2 pages


chapter |4 pages

meditation and virtual reality

chapter 6|3 pages

redesigning the present

chapter |3 pages

the shoppers’ continuum

chapter |9 pages

sustainable consumerism

part |2 pages

part three embodying truth

chapter 10|1 pages

ten culture, technology and subjectivity

an ‘ethical’ analysis lisa m. blackman programming freedom

chapter |14 pages

beyond the cyber-utopia

chapter |10 pages

part four when becoming meets becoming

chapter |9 pages

‘linear’ model

chapter |3 pages

ecstatic freedom reconsidered

part |2 pages

part five between saying and showing

chapter 14|3 pages

fourteen [sait]

chapter |12 pages

11th April 1996

chapter 15|7 pages

fifteen + and ÷

chapter |3 pages