This book focuses on the problem of religious diversity, civil dialogue, and religion education in public schools, exploring the ways in which atheists, secularists, fundamentalists, and mainstream religionists come together in the public sphere, examining how civil discourse about religion fit swithin the ideals of the American political and pedagogical systems and how religious studies education can help to foster civility and toleration.

chapter |16 pages


Civility and Education in a World of Religious Pluralism

chapter |21 pages

Tolerance Is Not Enough

Why Only a Commitment to Robust Pluralism Can Rescue America's Civic Life

chapter |15 pages

High Stakes Ignorance

Religion, Education, and the Unwitting Reproduction of Bigotry

chapter |13 pages

Civil Discourse or Simple Discord?

Competing Visions for Religion in the Public Schools

chapter |16 pages

From World Religions to Lived Religion

Towards a Pedagogy of Civic Engagement in Secondary School Religious Studies Curricula

chapter |11 pages

Religious Diversity and Public Education

The Example of American Muslims

chapter |17 pages

Democracy, Freedom, and Service

A Consensus Response to Pluralism in Education