The unprecedented human mobility the world is now experiencing poses new and unparalleled challenges regarding the provision of social and educational services throughout the global South. This volume examines the role played by schooling in immigrant incorporation or exclusion, using case studies of Thailand, India, Nepal, Hong Kong/PRC, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, Senegal, Sudan, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Drawing on key concepts in anthropology, the authors offer timely sociocultural analyses of how governments manage increasing diversity and how immigrants strategize to maximize their educational investments. The findings have significant implications for global efforts to expand educational inclusion and equity.

chapter |21 pages


Refugees, Immigrants, and Education in the Global South—Lives in Motion

chapter |16 pages

State, Market, Xenophobia

Making Haitian Educational Migrants in the Dominican Republic 1

chapter |16 pages

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Haitian University Students in Senegal

chapter |16 pages

The Perilous Trek

Zimbabwean Migrant Children and Teachers in South Africa

chapter |15 pages

“There is Violence Either Way So Let Violence Come With an Education”

Southern Sudanese Refugee Women's Use of Education for an Imagined Peaceful Future

chapter |14 pages

Transnational Educational Capital and Emergent Livelihoods

Cultural Strategies Among Repatriated South Sudanese

chapter |17 pages

Transnational Schooling in Punjab, India

Designer Migrants and Cultural Politics

chapter |16 pages

Refugee Camp Education

Populations Left Behind

chapter |16 pages

Education for Migrant Children Along the Thailand—Burma Border

Governance and Governmentality in a Global Policyscape Context

chapter |15 pages

The Consequences of Status

The Schooling of Iraqis in Jordan

chapter |16 pages

Impenetrable Citizenship

Teachers' Perceptions of Non-Citizen Students in the United Arab Emirates 1

chapter |15 pages

Marginal Integration

The Reception of Refugee-Background Students in Australian Schools

chapter |15 pages

The Making and Unmaking of “Ideal Immigrant Students”

Working-Class South Asian Teenagers in Hong Kong

chapter |15 pages

Cultural Capital Acquisition Through Maternal Migration

Educational Experiences of Filipino Left-Behind Children