This volume gathers a cast of eminent scholars for a critical and comparitive analysis of how neoliberal education policies have functioned in a range of countries in different stages of economic development. Treating case studies from Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East, the volume shows how globalization operates differently in different societal contexts.


chapter 1|12 pages

Neo-liberalism and Public Goods

ByDavid A. Turner

chapter 2|19 pages

Neo-liberalism and English Education

BySonia Exley, Stephen J. Ball

chapter 3|18 pages

Neo-liberal Educational Reforms and Social Inequality

Some Insights from France
ByMarie Duru-Bellat

chapter 4|23 pages

The Education Agenda of Turkey

Marketing Education in the Context of Neo-liberal Policies
ByHüseyin Yolcu

chapter 5|18 pages

Neo-liberal Reforms and Governance in Mexican Higher Education

ByMarco Aurelio Navarro-Leal, Koryna Itzé Contreras Ocegueda

chapter 6|27 pages

The Neo-liberal Reforms of Education in Argentina and Latin America

ByNorberto Fernández Lamarra, Cristian Perez Centeno

chapter 7|21 pages

The Influence of Neo-liberalism on Japan's Educational Reforms

ByYuto Kitamura

chapter 8|25 pages

The Impacts of Neo-liberalism on Higher Education in China

Issues and Challenges
ByLi Wang, Ka Ho Mok

chapter 10|20 pages

Environmental Education through Global and Local Lenses

Ecopedagogy and Globalizations in Appalachia, Argentina and Brazil
ByGreg William Misiaszek

chapter 11|17 pages

The State and Education Policy Change in South Africa

Walking the Tightrope between Choice and Equity
ByYusuf Sayed, Sajjadllah Alhawsawi, Shadreck Mwale, Robert van Niekerk