Behind the rhetoric of `intervention' and `deregulation' which has accompanied state attempts to stimulate technological innovation in the last decade is secreted a story of failed ambitions, confusion, muddle and incoherence.
Techno-industrial innovation does make demands on the state, not only in terms of new industries, but also in regard to the inter-relation of industrial and R&D policy and the creation of markets.
This book provides a comparative analysis of techno-industrial innovation in Europe, Japan and the USA. Drawing on case studies ranging from the semi-conductor to the biotechnology industries, the book presents a comprehensive and detailed survey of national strategies for the internal and world markets and sets them in their political context, where `the costs may be high and the pay-offs uncertain'.

part 1|2 pages

Introduction and General Perspectives: TheChanging Role of the State in Techno-Industrial Innovation

chapter 1|38 pages

The State, Science and Techno-Industrial Innovation

A New Model of State Policy and a Changing Role of the State
ByUlrich Hilpert

chapter 3|18 pages

Techno-Industrial Innovation and Technology Assessment

The State’s Problems with its New Role
ByFrieder Naschold

part 2|2 pages

Small Internal Markets and the Relevance of State Capabilities: Is Techno-Industrial Innovation State Introduced?

chapter 4|24 pages

Economic Adjustment by Techno-Industrial Innova- tion and the Role of the State

Solar Technology and Biotechnology in France and West Germany
ByUlrich Hilpert

chapter 6|26 pages

Government Policies for Techno-Industrial Innovation in Weaker Economies

The Case of Biotechnology in the United Kingdom and in Italy
ByWendy Faulkner, Luigi Orsenigo

chapter 7|26 pages

The State and New Forms of Communication: The Introduction of Videotex in Europe and

The Introduction of Videotex in Europe and North America
ByVolker Schneider, Thierry Vedel, James Miller

part 3|2 pages

Part III Large Internal Markets and the Role of the State: Is there a Need for Policies on Techno-Industrial Innovation?

chapter 8|26 pages

Airbus Industrie

A Case Study in European High Technology Cooperation
ByDesmond Hickie

chapter 10|26 pages

Japanese R&D Policy for Techno-Industrial Innovation

ByTakayuki Matsuo

chapter 11|18 pages

Manufacturing Innovation and American Industrial Competitiveness

ByStephen S. Cohen, John Zysman

part 4|2 pages

Part IV Small Countries in an Innovating World Economy: Can State Policy Introduce Participation?

chapter 12|24 pages

Small Industrialized Countries and the Global Innovation Race: The Role of the State in the

The Role of the State in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland
ByRob van Tulder

chapter 13|24 pages

National Styles in Technology Policy: Comparing the Swedish and Danish State Programmes in Micro- electronics/Information Technology

Comparing the Swedish and Danish State Programmes in Microelectronics/ Information Technology
ByAndrew Jamison

part 5|2 pages

Part V Conclusions

chapter 14|15 pages

State-Induced Participation in New World Markets: Some Comparative Conclusions on Trends in Internationalization through Techno-Industrial Innovation

Some Comparative Conclusions on Trends in Internationalization through Techno- Industrial Innovation
ByUlrich Hilpert