This volume pursues a new line of research in cultural memory studies by understanding memory as a performative act in art and popular culture. The authors take their cue from the observation that art and popular culture enact memory and generate processes of memory. They do memory, and in this doing of memory new questions about the cultural dimensions of memory arise: How do art objects and artistic practices perform the past in the present? What is their relationship to the archive? Does the past speak in the performed past (or do we speak to it)? To what purpose do objects "recall"? And for whom do they recollect?

Here authors combine a methodological focus on memory as performance with a theoretical focus on art and popular culture as practices of remembrance. The essays in the book thus analyze what is at stake in the complex processes of remembering and forgetting, of recollecting and disremembering, of amnesia and anamnesis, that make up cultural memory.

chapter |22 pages

1 Performing Memory in Art and Popular Culture

An Introduction
ByLiedeke Plate, Anneke Smelik

part |49 pages

Part I Staging Memory

chapter |14 pages

2 Life or Theatre, Diary or Drama

On the Performance of Memory in the Visual Arts
ByLisa Saltzman

chapter |20 pages

3 Multidirectional Memory and the Implicated Subject

On Sebald and Kentridge
ByMichael Rothberg

chapter |13 pages

4 Phantom Pains

Dramatising Flemish Collaboration with Nazism
ByKlaas Tindemans

part |47 pages

Part II Spectral Memories

chapter |17 pages

5 Memories of Catastrophes Yet to Come

New Brutalism and Thing-Memory
ByBen Highmore

chapter |13 pages

6 Haunted by Hunger

Images of Spectrality in Literary Recollections of the Great Irish Famine, 1850–1900
ByMarguérite Corporaal

chapter |15 pages

7 Naming the Unnamable

(De)constructing 9/11's ‘Falling Man'
ByLászló Munteán

part |32 pages

Part III Embodied Memories

chapter |12 pages

8 If These Walls Could Walk

Architecture as a Deformative Scenography of the Past
ByKris Pint

chapter |18 pages

9 Bodies with(out) Memories

Strategies of Re-enactment in Contemporary Dance
ByTimmy De Laet

part |48 pages

Part IV Mediating Memories

chapter |15 pages

10 Punctuating the Nation's Narratives

History Painting and Performativity
ByLouise Wolthers

chapter |15 pages

11 ‘Forget Me Not'

The Performance of Memory in Xena: Warrior Princess
ByWim Tigges

chapter |16 pages

12 Textures of Time

A Becoming-Memory of History in Costume Film
ByElise Wortel, Anneke Smelik