The issue of pastoral care and how a teacher effectively provides it is currently a topic of great debate in the media. With teachers increasingly bearing the brunt of their pupils' difficult personal lives, they feel under pressure to do the 'right thing' and to do it in an informed and professional manner.
This book investigates how teachers can attempt to give good quality pastoral care, whether as a form tutor in the first instance or in a managerial role further along in their development. It uses practical case studies as examples of what can be achieved, and explores the theory of this subject, making is the perfect resource for teachers, counsellors and undergraduates on PGCE, BEd and BA courses.

chapter |6 pages


ByJohn Coolahan

chapter |7 pages

Contextualising the Work

ByÚna M. Collins, Jean McNiff

chapter |16 pages

Pastoral Care and the Millennium

ByRon Best

chapter |13 pages

Revisiting the Pastoral Care School

ByÚna M. Collins

chapter |9 pages

Action Research, a Methodology of Care

ByJean McNiff

chapter |20 pages

Transition Year and Personal Development

ByJoe Lynch

chapter |20 pages

The Silent Majority

ByPauline Grenham

chapter |20 pages

Three Schools… Becoming… One…

ByFrances Murphy

chapter |19 pages

Sir! Sir!

ByAidan O’Reilly

chapter |16 pages

Challenging Students' Perceptions of School

ByAnn Marie Kiernan

chapter |20 pages

Making Collaboration Real

ByLuke Monahan

chapter |13 pages

The Bully Within

ByBríghid McGuinness

chapter |11 pages

Making Care Visible

ByJean Clandinin, Jean McNiff, Úna M. Collins