This volume covers several perspectives on autism which bring together the most recent scientific views of the nature of this disorder. A number of themes organize major developments and emerging areas in autism:

  • Cognitive and neural systems development: how autism arises in the behavior and thought of very young children.
  • Discovering brain mechanisms underlying social and cognitive deficits in autism: how we can explain "social awkwardness" and poor language comprehension in terms of malfunctions of brain mechanisms, revealed by fMRI studies of people with autism.
  • Integrating information about genes, brain, and biological mechanisms with behavioral evidence.
  • Linking the science of autism with lives lived: how the new information about autism impacts people with autism and real-world considerations.

part Section I|31 pages

Lives Lived with Autism

chapter 1|9 pages

My Experience with Visual Thinking and Sensory Oversensitivity

The Need for Research on Sensory Problems

part Section II|70 pages

Brain Mechanisms and Genetic Influences

part Section V|22 pages


chapter 11|20 pages

Organizing Principles for Austism Research

Where Do We Go From Here?