The central unifying theme of this state-of-the-art contribution to research on literacy is its rethinking and reconceptualization of individual differences in reading. Previous research, focused on cognitive components of reading, signaled the need for ongoing work to identify relevant individual differences in reading, to determine the relationship(s) of individual differences to reading development, and to account for interactions among individual differences. Addressing developments in each of these areas, this volume also describes affective individual differences, and the environments in which individual differences in reading may emerge, operate, interact, and change.

The scant comprehensive accounting of individual differences in reading is reflected in the nature of reading instruction programs today, the outcomes that are expected from successful teaching and learning, and the manner in which reading development is assessed. An important contribution of this volume is to provide prima facie evidence of the benefits of broad conceptualization of the ways in which readers differ. The Handbook of Individual Differences in Reading moves the field forward by encompassing cognitive, non-cognitive, contextual, and methodological concerns. Its breadth of coverage serves as both a useful summary of the current state of knowledge and a guide for future work in this area.

chapter 1|12 pages

An Overview of Individual Differences in Reading

Research, Policy, and Practice

chapter 2|13 pages

Identifying Individual Differences in Reading

What Are We Looking For?

chapter 3|15 pages


chapter 5|13 pages

Self-Efficacy, Agency, and Volition

Student Beliefs and Reading Motivation

chapter 8|14 pages

Individual Differences in Word Recognition

Reading Acquisition and Reading Disabilities

chapter 10|18 pages

Complexities of Individual Differences in Vocabulary Knowledge

Implications for Research, Assessment, and Instruction

chapter 12|13 pages

Prior Knowledge

Acquisition and Revision

chapter 17|22 pages

Language Differences that Influence Reading Development

Instructional Implications of Alternative Interpretations of the Research Evidence

chapter 20|13 pages

Family Matters

Home Influences and Individual Differences in Children's Reading Development

chapter 23|13 pages

Constructions of Difference

How Reading First, Response to Intervention, and Common Core Policies Conceptualize Individual Differences

chapter 26|13 pages

Cognitive Processing and Reading Comprehension

Issues of Theory, Causality, and Individual Differences

chapter 27|17 pages

Individual Differences Relations and Interrelations

Reconciling Issues of Definition, Dynamism, and Development