The Routledge History of Childhood in the Western World provides an important overview of the main themes surrounding the history of childhood in the West from antiquity to the present day. By broadly incorporating the research in the field of Childhood Studies, the book explores the major advances that have taken place in the past few decades in this crucial field.

part I|85 pages

Childhood in the Ancient World, The Middle Ages, and Early Modern Europe

chapter 4|23 pages

Childhood and the Enlightenment

The complications of innocence

part II|227 pages

Creating Childhoods in the Western World Since 1500

chapter 7|16 pages

Children and War

chapter 9|17 pages

Children and the State

chapter 10|20 pages

The Vexed History of Children and Sex

chapter 11|18 pages

Age, Schooling, and Development

chapter 13|18 pages

The Physical Spaces of Childhood

chapter 14|16 pages

Play, Games, and Toys

chapter 15|13 pages

Children as Consumers

History and historiography

chapter 17|16 pages

Children's Literature

part III|179 pages

Special Children at Special Times or Places

chapter 18|13 pages

Children in North American Slavery

chapter 19|16 pages

Mixed-Race Children in the American West

Conquest and its categories

chapter 25|18 pages

Childhood and Youth in Nazi Germany

chapter 26|22 pages

International Child Saving