Migration has transformed Taiwanese society in the last 20 years. The main inflows have been temporary workers from Southeast Asian countries and female spouses from Southeast Asia and China marrying Taiwanese husbands. The main outflow has been migration to China, as a result of increased economic integration across the Taiwan Strait. These changes have significantly altered Taiwan’s ethnic structure and have profound social and political implications for this new democracy. As large numbers of these migrants take Taiwanese citizenship and their offspring gain voting rights, the impact of these "new Taiwanese" will continue to increase.

This book showcases some of the leading researchers working on migration to and from Taiwan. The chapters approach migration from a range of disciplinary perspectives, including international relations, sociology, social work, film studies, political science, gender studies, geography and political economy and so the book has great appeal to scholars and students interested in the politics of Taiwan, Taiwanese society and ethnic identity as well as those focusing on migration in East Asia and comparative migration studies.

chapter |11 pages

Migration to and from Taiwan

Identities, politics and belonging
ByKuei-fen Chiu, Dafydd Fell, Ping Lin

chapter |13 pages

Through the looking glass

Migration into and out of Taiwan
ByYen-fen Tseng, Ping Lin

chapter |17 pages

Taiwan and globalization

Reflections on the trajectory of [Taishang studies
ByKeng Shu, Gunter Schubert, Emmy Rui-hua Lin

chapter |15 pages

Bordering careers on China

Skilled migration from Taiwan to China
ByYen-fen Tseng

chapter |16 pages

From being privileged to being localized?

Taiwanese businessmen in China
ByChun-yi Lee

chapter |15 pages

Happy reunion or brothers only in name?

Mainlander Taiwanese in China 1
ByPing Lin

chapter |24 pages

Different places, different voices

Early Taiwanese-Chinese immigrants in Canada and Guam 1
ByLan-hung Nora Chiang

chapter |13 pages

Two migration documentaries from Taiwan 1

ByKuei-fen Chiu, Yu-yueh Tsai

chapter |10 pages

Migration through the lens of political advertising

How Taiwanese parties discuss migration
ByDafydd Fell

chapter |24 pages

Home-going or home-making?

The citizenship legislation and Chinese identity of Indonesian— Chinese women in Taiwan
ByIsabelle Cheng

chapter |19 pages

Tactical resistances in daily politics

How do battered Vietnamese wives negotiate family and state tightropes in Taiwan?
ByHong-zen Wang, Po-wei Chen, Wen-hui Anna Tang

chapter |22 pages

The politics of the Mainland spouses' rights movement in Taiwan

ByYu-chin Tseng, Isabelle Cheng, Dafydd Fell

chapter |17 pages

Taiwan's (extra)ordinary migrations

ByTony Fielding