This book, based on extensive, original, detailed research presents a comprehensive overview of the Italian multinationals and their activities during the 1990s. It:

  • surveys the size, geographical and sectoral distribution of Italian multinationals
  • examines why they went international, how and what they gained
  • discusses the strategic position of Italian multinationals in the world economy
  • examines the effect of multinationals investment both inward and outward on the Italian economy
  • provides detail on individual companies

chapter |5 pages


ByFabrizio Onida, Gianfranco Viesti

chapter 3|26 pages

Geographical and Sectoral Pattern of Italian Direct Investment Abroad

ByCesare Schieppati

chapter 4|21 pages

International Strategies of Italian Multinationals

ByGianfranco Viesti

chapter 5|14 pages

Italian Non-equity Ventures Abroad: Evidence from Field Interviews

ByGiovanni Balcet

chapter 7|17 pages

Italian Inward and Outward Direct Investment: A Comparison

BySergio Mariotti

chapter 8|8 pages

Summary and Conclusions: Italy as an International Investor

ByFabrizio Onida, Gianfranco Viesti