Over the past decade, scholars, practitioners, and leading diplomats have forcefully argued for the need to move beyond one-way, mass-media-driven campaigns and develop more relational strategies. In the coming years, as the range of public diplomacy actors grows, the issues become more complexly intertwined, and the use of social media proliferates, the focus on relations will intensify along with the demands for more sophisticated strategies. These changes in the international arena call for a connective mindshift: a shift from information control and dominance to skilled relationship management.

Leading international scholars and practitioners embark on a forward-looking exploration of creative conceptual frameworks, training methods, and case studies that advance relational, networking, and collaborative strategies in public diplomacy. Light on academic jargon and rich in analysis, this volume argues that while relationships have always been pivotal to the practice of public diplomacy, the relational dynamics are changing. Rather than focus on specific definitions, the contributors focus on the dynamic interplay of influence in the public diplomacy environment. That environment includes state and non-state actors, public and private partners, competitors and collaborators, new and old media, and is conditioned by power, ethics, and cultures.

This book is an essential resource to students and practitioners interested on how to build relationships and transform them into more elaborate network structures through public communication. It will challenge you to push the boundaries of what you think are the mechanisms, benefits, and potential issues raised by a relational approach to public diplomacy

chapter |14 pages


The Connective Mindshift
ByR.S. Zaharna, Ali Fisher, Amelia Arsenault

part I|85 pages

Visions of Connectivity

chapter 1|12 pages

Social Power in Public Diplomacy

ByPeter van Ham

chapter 2|15 pages

Public Diplomacy and Ethics

From Soft Power to Social Conscience
ByKathy R. Fitzpatrick

chapter 3|12 pages

The Politics of Relational Public Diplomacy

ByRobin Brown

chapter 4|14 pages

Taking Diplomacy Public

Science, Technology, and Foreign Ministries in a Heteropolar World
ByDaryl Copeland

chapter 5|16 pages

Diaspora Diplomacy and Public Diplomacy

ByKishan S. Rana

chapter 6|14 pages

Relational Dimensions of a Chinese Model of Public Diplomacy

ByYiwei Wang

part II|69 pages

Conflict & Culture Connectivity in Practice

chapter 7|14 pages

Building and Measuring Sustainable Networks of Organizations and Social Capital

Postwar Public Diplomacy in Crotia
ByMaureen Taylor, Michael L. Kent

chapter 8|15 pages

New Frontiers in Relational Public Diplomacy

Collaborative Cultural Initiatives in Peace Building
ByTadashi Ogawa

chapter 9|12 pages

The Relational Paradigm and Sustained Dialogue

ByHarold H. Saunders

chapter 10|13 pages

Delivering Digital Public Diplomacy

Information Technologies and the Changing Business of Diplomacy
ByCharles Causey, Philip N. Howard

chapter 11|13 pages

The "Virtual Last Three Feet"

Understanding Relationship Perspectives in Network-Based Public Diplomacy
ByHyunjin Seo

part III|56 pages

Networks & Collaboration The Connective Mindshift

chapter 12|19 pages

Network Purpose, Network Design

Dimensions of Network and Collaborative Public Diplomacy
ByR. S. Zaharna

chapter 13|17 pages

Networks of Freedom, Networks of Control

Internet Policy as a Platform for and an Impediment to Relational Public Diplomacy
ByAmelia Arsenault

chapter 14|18 pages

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Building Blocks for a Collaborative Approach to Public Diplomacy
ByAli Fisher