This book concentrates on the last twenty years of research in the area of goal setting and performance at work. The editors and contributors believe goals affect action, and this volume has a lineup of international contributors who look at the recent theories and implications in this area for IO psychologists and human resource management academics and graduate students.

part |31 pages

The Basics

chapter |13 pages

Goal Setting Theory, 1990

ByEdwin A. Locke, Gary P. Latham

chapter |5 pages

The Economic Value of Goal Setting to Employers

ByFrank L. Schmidt

chapter |11 pages

Stretch Goals

Risks, Possibilities, and Best Practices
BySteve Kerr, Douglas LePelley

part |82 pages

Mediators and Moderators

chapter |16 pages

Attributions and Emotions as Mediators and/or Moderators in the Goal-Striving Process

ByMarion B. Eberly, Dong Liu, Terence R. Mitchell, Thomas W. Lee

chapter |14 pages

Feedback, Goal Setting, and Task Performance Revisited

BySusan J. Ashford, Katleen E. M. De Stobbeleir

chapter |25 pages

Goal Commitment

ByHoward J. Klein, Joseph T. Cooper, Christina A. Monahan

chapter |25 pages

Goals, Goal Orientations, Strategies, and Performance

ByRobert E. Wood, Jennifer Whelan, Victor Sojo, Moureen Wong

part |116 pages

Special Goal Topics

chapter |16 pages

Goals and Affect

ByStefanie A. Plemmons, Howard M. Weiss

chapter |14 pages

Determinants of Goals 1

ByPeter A. Heslin, Karyn L. Wang

chapter |11 pages

The Role of Self-Efficacy in Goal-Based Motivation

ByAlbert Bandura

chapter |19 pages

Goals and Self-Regulation

Emerging Perspectives across Levels and Time
ByDavid V. Day, Kerrie L. Unsworth

chapter |18 pages

Multiple Goal Pursuit

ByShu Hua Sun, Michael Frese

chapter |18 pages

Learning Goals

A Qualitative and Quantitative Review
ByGerard H. Seijts, Gary P. Latham, Meredith Woodwark

chapter |18 pages

Goals and Self-Efficacy as Mediators 1

ByPeter A. Heslin, Dan V. Caprar

part |53 pages

Long Term and Large Scale Goal Setting Programs and Studies

chapter |13 pages

Long-Term Effects of Goal Setting on Performance with the Productivity Measurement and Enhancement System (ProMES)

ByRobert D. Pritchard, Brandon L. Young, Nick Koenig, Daniel Schmerling, Natalie Wright Dixon

chapter |8 pages

Goal Setting and Organizational Transformation

ByLise M. Saari

chapter |14 pages

A Quantitative Analysis of the High Performance Cycle in Italy

ByLaura Borgogni, Silvia Dello Russo

part |43 pages

Goals in Groups and at the Macro Level

chapter |24 pages

Goal Setting in Teams

ByWilliam S. Kramer, Amanda L. Thayer, Eduardo Salas

chapter |17 pages

Units, Divisions, and Organizations

Macro-Level Goal Setting
ByGreg Young, Ken G. Smith

part |178 pages

Goal Setting in Specific Domains

chapter |12 pages

The Relevance of Goal Setting Theory for Human Resource Management

ByGary P. Latham, Alana S. Arshoff

chapter |14 pages

Goals and Creativity

ByChristina E. Shalley, Gamze Koseoglu

chapter |18 pages

Leadership and Goal Setting

ByRonald F. Piccolo, Claudia Buengeler

chapter |22 pages

Goal Setting in Sports

ByKevin J. Williams

chapter |18 pages

Goals and Negotiation

ByKevin Tasa, Glen Whyte, Geoffrey J. Leonardelli

chapter |24 pages

Using Goal Setting to Promote Health Behavior Change

Diet and Physical Activity
ByMical K. Shilts, Marilyn S. Townsend, Rod K. Dishman

chapter |21 pages

Linking Goals and Aging

Experimental and Lifespan Approaches
ByRobin L. West, Natalie C. Ebner, Erin C. Hastings

chapter |14 pages

Goals and Entreprenuership

ByJ. Robert Baum

chapter |21 pages

Working with Goals in Therapy

ByPer Jostein Matre, Kitty Dahl, Robert Jensen, Hans M. Nordahl

chapter |12 pages

Goal Setting in the Academic Arena 1

ByDominique Morisano

part |13 pages

Cross Cultural Issues in Goal Setting

chapter |11 pages

Cross-Cultural Issues in Goal Setting

ByMiriam Erez

part |45 pages

Goals and the Subconscious

chapter |26 pages

Regulating Goal Pursuit Through Mental Contrasting with Implementation Intentions

ByGabriele Oettingen, Marion Wittchen, Peter M. Gollwitzer

chapter |17 pages

Priming Subconscious Goals

ByShlomit Friedman

part |13 pages

Problems and Pitfalls

chapter |11 pages

Potential Pitfalls in Goal Setting and How to Avoid Them

ByGary P. Latham, Edwin A. Locke

part |20 pages

The Goal Setting Questionnaire

chapter |18 pages

Re-Examining the Goal-Setting Questionnaire

ByHo Kwong Kwan, Cynthia Lee, Phyllis L. Wright, Chun Hui

part |19 pages

Goal Setting and Self Development

part |10 pages

Overview and Conclusions

chapter |8 pages

Goal Setting Theory

The Current State
ByEdwin A. Locke, Gary P. Latham