This book concentrates on the last twenty years of research in the area of goal setting and performance at work. The editors and contributors believe goals affect action, and this volume has a lineup of international contributors who look at the recent theories and implications in this area for IO psychologists and human resource management academics and graduate students.

part |31 pages

The Basics

chapter |11 pages

Stretch Goals

Risks, Possibilities, and Best Practices

part |116 pages

Special Goal Topics

part |43 pages

Goals in Groups and at the Macro Level

part |178 pages

Goal Setting in Specific Domains

chapter |21 pages

Linking Goals and Aging

Experimental and Lifespan Approaches

part |13 pages

Cross Cultural Issues in Goal Setting

part |13 pages

Problems and Pitfalls

part |20 pages

The Goal Setting Questionnaire

part |19 pages

Goal Setting and Self Development

part |10 pages

Overview and Conclusions

chapter |8 pages

Goal Setting Theory

The Current State