Whilst there is considerable literature on rape from various perspectives, there is very little that focuses on rape committed by multiple perpetrators (also referred to as group or gang rape). For the first time, this handbook brings together international multi-disciplinary perspectives on multiple perpetrator rape.

The book is organised to provide readers with a comprehensive account of the thinking, theorising and empirical evidence on multiple perpetrator rape to date. Aspects covered include: different contexts in which multiple perpetrator rape occurs such as gangs, war, fraternities, South Africa; experiences of women and girls as victims and perpetrators; offence characteristics such as leadership and role taking, aggression and violence; the importance of group size; the prosecution of and treatment of offenders; and approaches to prevention.

The contributions to this collection are written by leading academics and practitioners from a variety of disciplines who bring together research and practice on multiple perpetrator rape by presenting new data from a strong theoretical and contextual base. This book will be a key text for students and academics studying multiple perpetrator rape and an essential reference tool for professionals working in the field including police officers, educationalists, forensic psychologists, youth workers, probation staff, lawyers, judges and policy makers.

chapter |9 pages


ByJessica Woodhams, Miranda A. H. Horvath

chapter |27 pages

Multiple perpetrator rape

An international phenomenon
ByTeresa da Silva, Leigh Harkins, Jessica Woodhams

chapter |30 pages

Masculinity, status, and power

Implicit messages in Western media discourse on high-profile cases of multiple perpetrator rape
ByKaren Franklin

chapter |15 pages

Numbers matter

Characteristic differences between lone, duo and 3+ group rapes
ByMackenzie Lambine

chapter |15 pages

Group sexual offending

Comparing adolescent female with adolescent male offenders
ByJan Hendriks, Miriam Wijkman, Catrien Bijleveld

chapter |19 pages

Busting the ‘gang-rape' myth

Girls' victimisation and agency in gang-associated sexual violence
ByCarlene Firmin

chapter |16 pages


Understanding gang rape in South Africa
ByRachel Jewkes, Yandisa Sikweyiya

chapter |28 pages

Multiple perpetrator rape during war

ByElisabeth J. Wood

chapter |16 pages

Multiple perpetrator rape victimization

How it differs and why it matters
BySarah E. Ullman

chapter |21 pages

Multiple perpetrator rape in the courtroom

ByMiranda A. H. Horvath, Jacqueline M. Gray

chapter |20 pages

Multiple perpetrator rape offenders

Treatment issues
ByTalia Etgar

chapter |27 pages

Girls and gangs

Preventing multiple perpetrator rape
ByJames A. Densley, Allen Davis, Nick Mason

chapter |8 pages

The next steps

ByMiranda A. H. Horvath, Jessica Woodhams