Health, Tourism and Hospitality: Spas, Wellness and Medical Travel, 2nd Edition takes an in-depth and comprehensive look at the growing health, wellness and medical tourism sectors in a global context. The book analyses the history and development of the industries, the way in which they are managed and organised, the expanding range of new and innovative products and trends, and the marketing of destinations, products and services.

The only book to offer a complete overview and introduction to health, tourism and hospitality this 2nd Edition has been updated to include:

• Expanded coverage to the hospitality sector with a particular focus on spa management.
• New content on medical tourism throughout the book, to reflect the worldwide growth in medical travel with more and more countries entering this competitive market.
• Updated content to reflect recent issues and trends including: ageing population, governments encouraging preventative health, consumer use of contemporary and alternative therapies, self-help market, impacts of economic recession, spa management and customer loyalty.
• New case studies taken from a range of different countries and contexts, and focusing on established or new destinations, products and services such as: conventional medicine, complementary and alternative therapies, lifestyle-based wellness, beauty and cosmetics, healthy nutrition, longevity and anti (or active)-ageing, amongst others.

Written in a user friendly style, this is essential reading for students studying health, tourism and hospitality.

part I|105 pages

History and development of health, wellness and medical tourism

chapter 1|25 pages

Definitions and concepts

ByMelanie Smith, László Puczkó

chapter 2|20 pages

A historical overview

ByMelanie Smith, László Puczkó

chapter 3|30 pages

A geographical and regional analysis

ByMelanie Smith, László Puczkó

chapter 4|27 pages

Leisure, lifestyle and society

ByMelanie Smith, László Puczkó

part II|121 pages

Managing and marketing health, wellness and medical tourism

chapter 5|28 pages

Demand and motivation of tourists

ByMelanie Smith, László Puczkó

chapter 6|31 pages

Targeting and branding

ByMelanie Smith, László Puczkó

chapter 7|33 pages

Planning and management

ByMelanie Smith, László Puczkó

chapter 8|25 pages

Future trends and predictions

ByMelanie Smith, László Puczkó

part III|244 pages

The international context for health, wellness and medical tourism

part III|77 pages

Spa developments

chapter 9|5 pages

SpaFinder Wellness trends

What they teach us and why they are important
BySusie Ellis

chapter 10|5 pages

Spa lifestyle resort communities and staycations

ByMick Matheusik

chapter 11|5 pages

The rise of destination spas in emerging economies

A case study of GOCO Hospitality's Qatar and China destination spa projects
ByIngo Schweder

chapter 12|3 pages

The Russian spa market

Diverse and maturing
ByElena Bogacheva

chapter 13|5 pages

Italian spas today

Demand and offer evolution and trends
BySonia Ferrari

chapter 14|4 pages

Traditional spas — between health and wellness tourism

The Trentino strategy to face the challenge of the market
ByGeradine Parisi

chapter 15|5 pages

Day spa revenue management

Some examples from Italy
ByPatrizia Modica, Elisa Scanu

chapter 16|5 pages

A multipurpose wellness park

The case study of Hamat Gader, Israel

chapter 19|4 pages

Sleep therapy

A case study from Tervis Medical Spa, Estonia
ByInna Bentsalo

chapter 20|4 pages

Benefits of higher education to the international spa industry

A UK perspective
ByKathryn Dowthwaite, Sarah Rawlinson

part III|75 pages

Health tourism destinations

chapter 24|8 pages

Wellness and spa provision in the Silesian health resorts of Poland

ByAndrzej Hadzik, Dorota Ujma, Sean Gammon

chapter 26|5 pages

Special health tourism products in the Bükk and Mátra regions

ByLóránt Dávid, Bulcsú Remenyik, Csaba Szűcs

chapter 27|4 pages

Health tourism and horse milk therapy in Kyrgyzstan

ByIngeborg Nordbø, Elvira Sagyntay Kyzy

chapter 28|5 pages

Well-being tourism in Finland

ByHenna Konu, Anja Tuohino, Peter Björk

chapter 29|6 pages

Health leisure market

The evolution in Portugal
ByNuno Gustavo, Fernando Completo

chapter 30|4 pages

The holy Himalayas

An adobe to wellness
ByParikshat Singh Manhas

chapter 31|7 pages

Te Aroha wellness tourism

Yesterday and today
ByMaria Hyde-Smith, John S. Hull

chapter 32|4 pages

Revitalising the healing tradition

Thermal springs in the Western Cape
ByMark Simon Boekstein

chapter 35|5 pages

Health cuisine

A new health destination marketing tool
ByNico Dingemans

part III|53 pages

Well-being, holistic and spiritual tourism

chapter 36|5 pages

The social construction of travelling for well-being in Australia

ByAlison van den Eynde, Adrian Fisher

chapter 37|5 pages

Building tourism and well-being policy

Engaging with the public health agenda in the UK
ByHeather Hartwell, Ann Hemingway, Alan Fyall, Viachaslau Filimonau, Stacy Wall, Neil Short

chapter 38|4 pages

Activities as a component of a social tourism holiday experience

ByRiikka Ilves, Raija Komppula

chapter 39|5 pages

Research on preventive wellness in the Netherlands

ByJacques Vork, Angelique Lombarts

chapter 40|4 pages

Natural wellness

The case of Icelandic wilderness landscapes for health and wellness tourism
ByEdward H. Huijbens

chapter 41|4 pages

Global wellness in Sedona, Arizona

ByMia Mackman

chapter 42|4 pages

A new age in tourism

A case study of New Age centres in Costa Rica
ByMarinus C. Gisolf

chapter 44|6 pages

Meditation tourism

Exploring the meditation flow experience and well-being
ByTzuhui A. Tseng, Ching-Cheng Shen

chapter 45|7 pages

The propensity for yoga practitioners to become tourists

A case study of Budapest
ByIvett Sziva, Noémi Kulcsár, Melanie Smith

part III|30 pages

Medical tourism and medical wellness

chapter 46|5 pages

Apollo Hospitals group

A key player in the Indian medical tourism industry
ByAnita Medhekar

chapter 47|4 pages

The UK National Health Service and international patients

ByNeil Lunt, Johanna Hanefeld, Daniel Horsfall, Richard D. Smith

chapter 48|5 pages

Kurotel — turning a dream into reality

Milestones and keys to success
ByVictoria Winter

chapter 49|5 pages

The Gawler Foundation in Australia

Wellness and lifestyle-based therapeutic retreats for people with serious illnesses
ByCornelia Voigt

chapter 50|6 pages

Challenges of balneotherapy development in Oyoun Moussa, Egypt

ByIslam Elgammal, Heba Elakras