Grief is a family affair. When a loved one dies, the distress reverberates throughout the immediate and extended family. Family therapy has long attended to issues of loss and grief, yet not as the dominant therapeutic paradigm. Bereavement Care for Families changes that: it is a practical resource for the clinician, one that draws upon the evidence supporting family approaches to bereavement care and also provides clinically oriented, strategic guidance on how to incorporate family approaches into other models. Subsequent chapters set forth a detailed, research-based therapeutic model that clinicians can use to facilitate therapy, engage the ambivalent, deal with uncertainty, manage family conflict, develop realistic goals, and more. Any clinician sensitive to the roles family members play in bereavement care need look no further than this groundbreaking text.

part I|76 pages

Overview of the Clinical Development of Bereavement Care for Families

chapter 1|14 pages

Family Grief

chapter 2|13 pages

Conceptual Framework for Family Bereavement Care

Strengthening Resilience

chapter 3|21 pages

The Family with Chronic Physical Disorders

An Integrative Model

part II|58 pages

Grief Therapy with Families—A Practical Approach to Care Delivery

chapter 6|13 pages

Assessing Bereaved Families

chapter 9|12 pages

An Account of Family Therapy in Bereavement

One Mother's Dying Legacy for Her Family

part III|112 pages

Family Grief Therapy in Particular Circumstances