Examining the experiences of leadership among trade unionists in a range of unions and labor movements around the world, this volume addresses perspectives of women and men from a range of identities such as race/ethnicity, sexuality, and age. It analyses existing models of leadership in various political organizational forms, especially trade unions, but also including business and management approaches, leadership forms which arise from fields such as community, pedagogy, and the third sector.

This book analyzes and critiques concepts, expectations, and experiences of union leaders and leadership in labor organizations, while comparing gender and cultural perspectives. Contributors to the volume draw on empirical research to identify key ideas, beliefs and experiences which are critical to achieving change, setting up resistance, and transforming the inertia of traditionalism.

chapter 1|26 pages

A Diverse Trade Union Leadership

Complexity, Contradictions, Continuity and Change
ByLise Lotte Hansen, Sue Ledwith

chapter 2|20 pages

Gendered Leadership in Australian Unions in the Process of Strategic Renewal

Instrumental, Transformative or Post-Heroic?
ByBarbara Pocock, Karen Brown

chapter 3|20 pages

Gender and Union Leadership

A Force Field Analysis
ByMichelle Kaminski, Jailza Pauly

chapter 4|24 pages

Women Leaders Riding the Whirlwind

Leadership and Gender In/Equality in the Danish Labour Movement
ByLise Lotte Hansen

chapter 5|26 pages

Doing, Un-Doing and Re-Doing Gendered Union Leadership

BySue Ledwith

chapter 6|21 pages

Flexible Production and Flexible Women

The Story of Union Leader Alice
ByTuula Heiskanen, Riitta Lavikka

chapter 7|24 pages

Merit, Individualism and Solidarity

Revisiting the Democratic Deficit in Union Women's Leadership
ByLinda Briskin

chapter 8|19 pages

Rethinking Organising and Leadership

Lessons from Non-Traditional, Women-Centred, Labour Campaigns in New York City
BySally Alvarez, Pam Whitefield

chapter 9|21 pages

Out from a ‘Deep, Dark Forest'

Women Leaders as Learners in Eastern and Western European Trade Unions
ByJoanna Cain

chapter 10|20 pages

Developing and Globalising Women's Union Leadership via a Cross-National Exchange Programme

Gill Kirton, Geraldine Healy, Sally Alvarez, Mary Gatta, Risa Lieberwitz and Heather McKay
ByLise Lotte Hansen, Sue Ledwith

chapter 12|20 pages

Breaking through the Union Glass Ceiling in France

Between Organisational Opportunities and Individual Resources
ByCécile Guillaume, Sophie Pochic

chapter 14|18 pages

Still Facing Discrimination

Impediments to Women's Representation in Belgian Trade Unions
BySaskia Ravesloot

chapter 15|20 pages

Gendering Research, Researching Gender

BySue Ledwith, Lise Lotte Hansen