The Politics of Urban Cultural Policy brings together a range of international experts to critically analyze the ways that governmental actors and non-governmental entities attempt to influence the production and implementation of urban policies directed at the arts, culture, and creative activity. Presenting a global set of case studies that span five continents and 22 cities, the essays in this book advance our understanding of how the dynamic interplay between economic and political context, institutional arrangements, and social networks affect urban cultural policy-making and the ways that these policies impact urban development and influence urban governance. The volume comparatively studies urban cultural policy-making in a diverse set of contexts, analyzes the positive and negative outcomes of policy for different constituencies, and identifies the most effective policy directions, emerging political challenges, and most promising opportunities for building effective cultural policy coalitions.

The volume provides a comprehensive and in-depth engagement with the political process of urban cultural policy and urban development studies around the world. It will be of interest to students and researchers interested in urban planning, urban studies and cultural studies.

chapter |12 pages


Urbanizing cultural policy

part |68 pages

Urban cultural policy as an object of governance

chapter |13 pages

A different class

Politics and culture in London

chapter |12 pages

Brecht in Bogotá

How cultural policy transformed a clientelist political culture

chapter |15 pages

Notes of discord

Urban cultural policy in the confrontational city

part |57 pages

Rewriting the creative city script

chapter |15 pages

Creativity and urban regeneration

The role of La Tohu and the Cirque du Soleil in the Saint-Michel neighborhood in Montréal

chapter |12 pages

“To have and to need”

Reorganizing cultural policy as panacea for Berlin's urban and economic woes

part |54 pages

The implications of urban cultural policy agendas for creative production

chapter |13 pages

The new cultural economy and its discontents

Governance innovation and policy disjuncture in Vancouver

chapter |11 pages

Creating urban spaces for culture, heritage, and the arts in Singapore

Balancing policy-led development and organic growth

part |71 pages

Coalition networks, alliances, and identity framing

chapter |13 pages

When worlds collide

The politics of cultural economy policy in New York

chapter |13 pages

What's in the Fridge?

Counter-democratic mobilization in post-industrial urban “cultural” development

chapter |15 pages

Governing the entertainment machine

Urban cultural policy in Spain 1

chapter |13 pages

Planned and spontaneous arts development

Notes from Portland

chapter |15 pages

Local politics in the creative city

The case of Toronto 1