This Handbook provides a comprehensive global survey of the policy process. Written by an outstanding line up of distinguished scholars and practitioners, the Handbook covers all aspects of the policy process including:

  • Theory – from rational choice to the new institutionalism
  • Frameworks – network theory, advocacy coalition and development models
  • Key stages in the process – Formulation, implementation and evaluation
  • Agenda setting and decision making
  • The roles of key actors and institutions

This is an invaluable resource for all scholars, graduate students and practitioners in public policy and policy analysis.

part |56 pages

Introduction to the study of the public policy process

chapter |14 pages

Public policy debate and the rise of policy analysis

ByMichael Mintrom, Claire Williams

chapter |12 pages

The policy-making process

ByMichael Howlett, Sarah Giest

part |56 pages

Conceptualizing public policy-making

chapter |17 pages

State theory and the rise of the regulatory state

ByDarryl S.L. Jarvis

chapter |11 pages

The public choice perspective

ByAndy Whitford

chapter |11 pages

Institutional analysis and political economy

ByMichael D. McGinnis, Paul Dragos Aligica

chapter |15 pages

Postpositivism and the policy process

ByRaul Perez Lejano

part |51 pages

Modelling the policy process

chapter |10 pages

The institutional analysis and development framework

ByRuth Schuyler House, Eduardo Araral

chapter |13 pages

The advocacy coalition framework

Coalitions, learning and policy change
ByChristopher M. Weible, Daniel Nohrstedt

chapter |11 pages

Policy network models

ByChen-Yu Wu, David Knoke

part |50 pages

Understanding the agenda-setting process

chapter |8 pages

Policy agenda-setting studies

Attention, politics and the public
ByChristoffer Green-Pedersen, Peter B. Mortensen

chapter |14 pages

Focusing events and policy windows

ByThomas A. Birkland, Sarah E. DeYoung

chapter |15 pages

Agenda-setting and political discourse

Major analytical frameworks and their application
ByDavid A. Rochefort, Kevin P. Donnelly

chapter |11 pages

Mass media and policy-making

ByStuart Soroka, Stephen Farnsworth, Andrea Lawlor, Lori Young

part |55 pages

Understanding the formulation process

chapter |12 pages

Policy design and transfer

ByAnne Schneider

chapter |15 pages

Epistemic communities

ByClaire A. Dunlop

chapter |11 pages

Policy appraisal

ByJohn Turnpenny, Camilla Adelle, Andrew Jordan

chapter |15 pages

Policy analytical styles

ByIgor S. Mayer, Els van Daalen, Pieter W.G. Bots

part |58 pages

Understanding the decision-making process

chapter |14 pages

Bounded rationality and public policy decision-making

ByBryan D. Jones, H.F. Thomas

chapter |12 pages


ByMichael Hayes

chapter |21 pages

Models for research into decision-making processes

On phases, streams, rounds and tracks of decision-making 1
ByGeert R. Teisman, Arwin van Buuren

part |55 pages

Understanding the implementation process

chapter |16 pages

Bureaucracy and the policy process

ByOra-orn Poocharoen

chapter |13 pages

Governance, networks and intergovernmental systems

ByRobert Agranoff, Michael McGuire, Chris Silvia

chapter |10 pages

Development management and policy implementation

Relevance beyond the global South
ByDerick W. Brinkerhoff, Jennifer M. Brinkerhoff

part |64 pages

Understanding the evaluation process

chapter |14 pages

Six models of evaluation

ByEvert Vedung

chapter |14 pages

Policy feedback and learning

ByPatrik Marier

chapter |19 pages

Randomized control trials

What are they, why are they promoted as the gold standard for causal identification and what can they (not) tell us?
ByDavid Fuente, Dale Whittington

chapter |15 pages

Policy evaluation and public participation

ByCarolyn M. Hendriks

part |46 pages

Policy dynamics

chapter |11 pages

Policy dynamics and change

The never-ending puzzle
ByGiliberto Capano

chapter |11 pages

Policy trajectories and legacies

Path dependency revisited
ByAdrian Kay

chapter |11 pages

Process sequencing

ByCarsten Daugbjerg

chapter |11 pages

Learning from success and failure?

ByAllan McConnell