Latin American Modern Architectures: Ambiguous Territories has thirteen new essays from a range of distinguished architectural historians to help you understand the region’s rich and varied architecture. It will also introduce you to major projects that have not been written about in English. A foreword by historian Kenneth Frampton sets the stage for essays on well-known architects, such as Lucio Costa and Félix Candela, which will show you unfamiliar aspects of their work, and for essays on the work of little-known figures, such as Uruguayan architect Carlos Gómez Gavazzo and Peruvian architect and politician Fernando Belaúnde Terry. Covering urban and territorial histories from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, along with detailed building analyses, this book is your best source for historical and critical essays on a sampling of Latin America's diverse architecture, providing much-needed information on key case studies.

Contributors include Noemí Adagio, Pedro Ignacio Alonso, Luis Castañeda, Viviana d’Auria, George F. Flaherty, María González Pendás, Cristina López Uribe, Hugo Mondragón López, Jorge Nudelman Blejwas, Hugo Palmarola Sagredo, Gaia Piccarolo, Claudia Shmidt, Daniel Talesnik, and Paulo Tavares.

chapter |29 pages


Ambiguous Territories
ByPatricio del Real, Helen Gyger

part I|59 pages

Singular Journeys

chapter 1|20 pages

Lucio Costa's Luso-Brazilian Routes

Recalibrating “Center” and “Periphery”
ByGaia Piccarolo

chapter 2|22 pages

“Corbusians” In Uruguay

A Contradictory Report
ByJorge Nudelman Blejwas

chapter 3|15 pages

Mass Culture at Mid-Century

Architecture under a “New Humanism”
ByNoemí Adagio

part II|122 pages

Techno-Cultural Assemblages

chapter 4|22 pages

Pre-Columbian Skins, Developmentalist Souls

The Architect as Politician
ByLuis Castañeda

chapter 5|20 pages

Caracas's Cultural (BE)Longings

Retracing the Troubled Trajectories of the Superbloque Experiment 1
ByViviana d’Auria

chapter 6|18 pages

Monumentality and Resignification

The UNCTAD III Building in Chile 1
ByDaniel Talesnik

chapter 7|17 pages

A Panel's Tale

The Soviet I-464 System and the Politics of Assemblage 1
ByPedro Ignacio Alonso, Hugo Palmarola Sagredo

chapter 8|21 pages

Argentina's Cuestión Capital

Founding a Modern Nation 1
ByClaudia Shmidt

chapter 9|22 pages

Modern Frontiers

Beyond Brasília, the Amazon 1
ByPaulo Tavares

part III|78 pages

Mediated Territories

chapter 10|20 pages

Reflections of the “Colonial”

Between Mexico and Californiano
ByCristina López Uribe

chapter 11|16 pages

Aviation, Electrification, and the Nation

Visions from Colombia and Chile 1
ByHugo Mondragón López

chapter 12|19 pages

Mario Pani's Hospitality

Latin America through Arquitectura/México
ByGeorge F. Flaherty

chapter 13|21 pages

Technics and Civilization

Félix Candela's Geopolitical Imaginary 1
ByMaría González Pendás