The Routledge Companion to the Future of Marketing provides the reader with a comprehensive and original set of visionary insights into the future of marketing. This prestigious collection aims to challenge the mindset of academics, moving their thinking processes from current thinking into new perspectives and advances in marketing knowledge.

Selected Contents: Part 1: New Paradigms and Philosophical Insights  Part 2: Contributions from other Scientific Fields  Part 3: Reconnecting with Consumers and Markets  Part 4: New Methodological Insights in Scholarly Research in the Field

part |2 pages

Part I New paradigms and philosophical insights

chapter 1|22 pages

Toward a new marketing paradigm

ByYoram (Jerry) Wind

chapter 2|26 pages

New philosophical paradigms in marketing: From amoral consumerism to axiological societing

ByGeorge G. Panigyrakis, Anna Zarkada

chapter 3|11 pages

Restoring justice: An examination in the marketing context

ByAnna S. Mattila

chapter 4|26 pages

Process-based marketing management

ByTarek Mady, Ajay Manrai, Lalita Manrai

part |2 pages

PART II Contributions from other scientifi c fi elds

chapter 6|27 pages

Biomarketing: An emerging paradigm linking neuroscience, endocrinology, and genetics to buyer–seller behavior

ByRichard P. Bagozzi, Willem J. M. I. Verbeke

chapter 8|26 pages

Autobiographical episodes, semantic memories and branding

ByB. Nilanthi Ratnayake, Amanda J. Broderick

part |2 pages

Part III Reconnecting with consumers and markets

chapter 10|24 pages

Evaluating customer relationships: Current and future challenges

BySiddharth S. Singh, Dipak C. Jain

chapter 11|17 pages

Unconventional marketing: From guerrilla to consumer made

ByBernard Cova, Marcel Saucet

chapter 12|16 pages

Social media: Past, present, and future

ByLindsay Korenich, Dana Lascu, Lalita Manrai, Ajay Manrai

chapter 13|18 pages

Brand engagement

ByJosé Martí, Enrique Bigné, Antonio Hyder

chapter 14|14 pages

Branding in the age of digital connectivity

ByBaskin Yenicioglu, George Christodoulides

chapter 15|14 pages

The future of pricing in the digital era

ByP.K. Kannan

chapter 16|17 pages

Human–computer interaction

ByAntonio Hyder, Enrique Bigné, José Martí

chapter 17|16 pages

The Slogan Validator: The application of human–computer interface

ByWan-Chen Wang, Luiz Moutinho

part |2 pages

PART IV New methodological insights in scholarly research in the fi eld

chapter 20|14 pages

The future applications of agent-based modeling in marketing

ByWilliam Rand

chapter 21|23 pages

Genetic, memetic and electromagnetism-like algorithms: Applications in marketing

ByPedro Godinho, Manuela Silva

chapter 22|33 pages

Futures research insights and methods

ByLuiz Moutinho, Nuno Teixeira, Miguel Lage