Retailer’s buying power has significantly increased in recent years as a result of a process of market concentration. As vertical relationships in marketing channels have strengthened their influence over the shape of the industry, the producer-distributor relationship has become more central to an understanding of both marketing practice and the conduct and performance of consumer goods industries.

This comprehensive and detailed book covers the theory and practice of national and international retail and marketing channels. It provides a structural overview of the producer-distributor relationship as well as analyses of specific aspects of channel control and management. Finally, the book assesses the implications of new developments in the evolution of marketing channels.

First published 1989.



ByLuca Pellegrini, Srinivas K. Reddy

part I|114 pages

The structure of vertical relationships

chapter Chapter two|25 pages

Strategies to cope with retailer buying power

BySusan Segal-Horn, John McGee

chapter Chapter three|24 pages

Horizontal competition in retailing and the structure of manufacturer–retailer relationships

ByJohn A. Dawson, Susan A. Shaw

chapter Chapter four|11 pages

Retail purchasing prices: theoretical and empirical viewpoints

ByRoy Thurik, Vincent Dijk, Aad Kleijweg

chapter Chapter five|16 pages

Strategic interaction within a channel

ByK. Sridhar Moorthy, Peter Fader

chapter Chapter six|15 pages

Impact of market characteristics on producer–distributor relationships

BySudhir H. Kale

part II|80 pages

Managing channel relationships

chapter Chapter eight|25 pages

Expectancy theory: a framework for analysing relationships between dependent yet autonomous channel members

ByElizabeth K. LaFleur, Danny R. Arnold, Garry Smith

chapter Chapter nine|15 pages

Model of franchisor market penetration in an area of dominant influence

ByPatrick J. Kaufmann, V. Kasturi Rangan

chapter Chapter ten|17 pages

Multiple issue bargaining in marketing channels: an experimental test of Coleman's model

ByDuangtip Tantiwong, Sunil Gupta

part III|116 pages

Marketing channel evolution

chapter Chapter eleven|19 pages

Toward a strategic model of marketing channel evolution

ByMark Filser, Edward W. McLaughlin

chapter Chapter twelve|18 pages

From-home shopping: where is it leading?

ByEleanor G. May, Stephen A. Greyser

chapter Chapter thirteen|24 pages

Consumer store choice and retail competition

ByA. Stewart Fotheringham

chapter Chapter fifteen|13 pages

Own labels: beliefs and reality

ByMark D. Uncles, Katrina Ellis

chapter Chapter sixteen|24 pages

Department store concessions: strategic decisions and consumer reactions

ByPeter J. McGoldrick