Studies of the organisation and location of retailing activity have played a central role in the emergence of urban geography as a major area of academic study. Moreover, retailing is increasingly the focus of interdisciplinary research, with economists, sociologists, psychologists and marketing specialists all contributing.

This book surveys and sets in context the wide range of research work that has recently been done on retailing. It concentrates on western industrial societies, particularly Britain and the USA, and considers empirical research, theory and theoretical applications. Topics covered include location analysis which is a traditional area of academic interest; consumer behaviour, which is of particular interest to psychologists, and retail organisation and government involvement, which will interest all those concerned, especially those actually involved in retail planning and management.

This comprehensive book is the first substantial review of research in retail geography and suggests many future lines of research within the field.

Originally published 1980.

chapter |5 pages


chapter 1|77 pages

Urban Consumer Behaviour

ByI.D. Shepherd and C.J. Thomas

chapter 2|61 pages

The Study of Retail Location

ByP.T. KivellandG. Shaw

chapter 4|43 pages

Retail Activity and Public Policy

ByJ.A. Dawson

chapter 5|6 pages


ByJ.A. Dawson