Migrant organizations are of vital importance for countries of residence and countries of origin, but the empirical and theoretical knowledge of the cross-border character of migrant organizations remains incomplete.

It is clear that migrant transnationalism challenges the governance of nation-states on the local and national levels. This book, the outcome of an ECPR joint session, systematically and empirically analyzes the differing roles that transnational migrant organizations play in their countries of residence and origin. Drawing on research conducted in Belgium, England, Germany, Holland, Poland and Portugal, it focuses on the relations between migrant organizations and the state. Offering an opportunity for comparative analysis, it also examines why migrants and their organizations engage in different forms of border crossing activities, and how various political systems influence, and are influenced by these forms of engagement.

Migration and Organized Civil Society will be of strong interest to students and researchers of political science, political sociology, migration studies, transnationalism, and Diaspora studies.

part |37 pages

Emergence of transnational activities of migrant organizations — towards a new theoretical framework

chapter |19 pages

2 The transnational migration paradigm

Global perspectives on migration research

part |34 pages

Part II Migrant organizations' impact on countries of origin and countries of residence

chapter |16 pages

4 Diaspora politics

From “long distance nationalism” to autonomization

part |78 pages

Part III How transnational political spaces influence migrant organizations — impact of the countries of origin, countries of residence, third countries and supranational political opportunities

chapter |21 pages

7 The country of residence and migrant transnationalism

How do opportunity structures in countries of residence affect transnational attitudes and behavior of migrant organizations from the African Great Lakes region?

chapter |21 pages

9 Brussels calling

The European organization of migrants from Turkey 1

part |46 pages

Part IV National governance and integration of transnational migrant organizations