The UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment initiative has led to around a third of the world’s financial assets being managed with a commitment to invest in a way that considers environmental, social or governance (ESG) criteria. The responsible investment trend has increased dramatically since the global financial crisis, yet understanding of this field remains at an early stage.

This handbook provides an atlas of current practice in the field of responsible investment. With a large global team of expert contributors, the book explores the impact of responsible investment on key financial actors ranging from mainstream asset managers to religious organizations.

Offering students and researchers a comprehensive introduction to current scholarship and international structures in the expanding discipline of responsible investment, this handbook is vital reading across the fields of finance, economics and accounting.

part |381 pages

Part I

chapter 6|11 pages

Responsible investment in Canada

chapter 7|5 pages

Responsible investment in Mexico

chapter 11|13 pages

Responsible investment in Tunisia

chapter 12|11 pages

Responsible investment in Israel

A case of regulatory-based development

chapter 14|16 pages

Responsible investment in China

chapter 16|18 pages

Responsible investment in Japan

A tale of two narratives

chapter 17|8 pages

Responsible investment in Russia

chapter 25|4 pages

Introduction to Scandinavia

chapter 26|10 pages

Responsible investment in Denmark

Practices among institutional investors in a context of statutory CSR reporting requirements

chapter 28|9 pages

Responsible investment in Sweden

chapter 29|10 pages

Responsible investment in Norway

chapter 31|68 pages


Responsible investment around the world

part |140 pages

Part I

chapter 32|9 pages

The changing role of asset owners in responsible investment

Reflections on the principles for responsible investment – the last decade and the next

chapter 34|12 pages

Determining how to invest more responsibly as an institution

A case study at the University of Edinburgh

chapter 36|9 pages

Stakeholders of responsible investment

Retail investors

chapter 37|16 pages

Measuring the impact of engagement

Evidence from Canadian institutional investors

chapter 38|10 pages

Asset manager stakeholders

At the heart of supply and demand in responsible investment 1

chapter 39|7 pages

Stakeholder perspective – investment consultants

‘The need to collaborate to ensure supply meets demand'

chapter 40|9 pages

Responsible investment indexes

Origins, nature and purpose

chapter 42|10 pages

The natural environment

chapter 43|12 pages

What do we mean by the S in ESG?

Society as a stakeholder in responsible investment

part |151 pages

Part I

chapter 48|12 pages

Reliable sustainability ratings

The influence of business models on information intermediaries

chapter 52|12 pages

Beyond outreach

Corporate social responsibility and the financial performance of microfinance institutions

chapter 54|19 pages

What matters to SRI investors? 1