The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have contributed to reductions in poverty and improvements in the human condition in many parts of the world since their "invention" in 2000 and 2001. It nonetheless remains the case that today, as on all the previous days of the twenty-first century, almost one billion people will go hungry.

Debates about whether the MDGs have made a positive contribution to poverty eradication and/or whether they have achieved as much as they should have done are becoming more frequent as 2015 and the "end of the MDGs" approaches. This book highlights that active debate about what the MDGs have achieved and what that means for the crafting of a post-2015 international framework for action, must become a priority. The work begins by examining the global context of the goals from a variety of perspectives, and moves on to focus on the region that continues to be the most impoverished and which looks likely to fall short of meeting many of the MDGs: Africa.

Presenting both a broad overview of the issues and drawing together prestigious scholars and practitioners from a variety of fields, this work provides a significant contribution to debates surrounding both global poverty and the success and future of the MDGs.

chapter |15 pages

Introduction: moving from MDGs to GDGs

Development imperatives beyond 2015
ByDavid Hulme, Rorden Wilkinson

part |111 pages

Global context

chapter |16 pages

Millennium Development Goals

Milestones on a long road
ByMargaret Joan Anstee

chapter |19 pages

Recapturing the narrative of international development

BySakiko Fukuda-Parr

chapter |30 pages

From the Millennium to Global Development Goals

ByRamesh Thakur

chapter |18 pages

Women and the MDGs

Too little, too late, too gendered
BySophie Harman

chapter |15 pages

MDGs meet religion

Past, present, and future
ByKatherine Marshall

chapter |12 pages

ECOSOC and the MDGs 1

What can be done?
ByThomas G. Weiss

part |95 pages

Focus on Africa

chapter |12 pages

Africa and the MDGs

Challenges and priorities
ByAdmos Chimhowu, David Hulme

chapter |16 pages

Challenges to the achievement of the MDGs in Africa

ByFrances Stewart

chapter |18 pages

Global Development Goals and the international HIV response

A chance for renewal
ByIlaria Regondi, Alan Whiteside

chapter |17 pages

Combating poverty in Africa

2015 and beyond
ByYusuf Bangura

chapter |16 pages

Taking Africa beyond the MDGs

The role of higher education in development
ByH. Russel Botman