The call for sport organizations and organizers to take up social responsibilities is reflected in a wide variety of sport-related practices. This book critically examines sport-related social interventions in different cultural settings, such as promoting local community-building by sport. Social constructions of peace, integration and managing diversity are studied from the perspective of sport and play, and the power position of global sport organizations with corporate features is discussed from the perspectives of good governance, legal issues and fair trade. Referring to Foucault’s concept of biopolitics, this book contributes to the discussion on the rising power position and the social responsibilities of sports and sport organizations. It is a valuable contribution to the understanding of interconnections between sport and society for students in sociology, policy and politics of sport, for sport leaders, and for policy and decision-makers in sport.

part |104 pages

Building Communities and Social Responsibility

chapter |14 pages

Sport and Peace Making

Initial Promises, Social Scientific Issues and Practical Challenges
ByRichard Giulianotti

chapter |13 pages

In Africa for FIFA & Sons

ByCora Burnett

chapter |14 pages

Constructing Peace and Fostering Social Integration

Sport and Play in Azerbaijan
ByJoel Rookwood

chapter |18 pages

Sport Plus and Socially Vulnerable Youth

Opening the Black Box
ByReinhard Haudenhuyse, Marc Theeboom

chapter |12 pages

‘We Are a Very, Very Homogenous Group'

Promoting and Managing Social Diversity in Sports?
ByBettina Rulofs

chapter |14 pages

Discourses on Integration and Interaction in a Martial Arts Club

ByLian Malai Madsen

chapter |17 pages

What Is the Development in Sport-for-Development?

ByFred Coalter

part |91 pages

Sports Corporations at Play

chapter |15 pages

Sports Governance

Between the Obsession with Rules and Regulation and the Aversion to Being Ruled and Regulated
ByHans Bruyninckx

chapter |13 pages

The Magicians of Sport

How the Greatest Corruption Scandal in the World of Sport Vanished Before We Knew It Existed
ByJens Sejer Andersen

chapter |15 pages

A Governance Perspective on Sport Mega-Events

The 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa as a Lubricant in Domestic and International Affairs?
ByBert Meulders, Bart Vanreusel, Hans Bruyninckx, Marion Keim, André Travill

chapter |6 pages

Popular Deception by IOC and FIFA

ByStefan Késenne

chapter |21 pages

Football Academies and Player Migration in Developing Countries

ByJeroen Schokkaert, Joban F. M. Swinnen, Thijs Vandemoortele

chapter |19 pages

Rules of Law in the Business of Sport

ByFrank Hendrickx