Word recognition is the component of reading which involves the identification of individual words. Together the two volumes of Visual Word Recognition offer a state-of-the-art overview of contemporary research from leading figures in the field.

This second volume examines how research on word recognition has been linked to the study of concepts and meaning, such as how morphemes affect word recognition, how the meaning of words affects their processing and the effect of priming on the processing of words.

The book also discusses eye-movement research, the reading of whole sentences and passages, how bilinguals recognize words in different languages, individual differences in visual word recognition, and the development of visual word recognition difficulties in developmental dyslexia.

The two volumes serve as a state-of-the-art, comprehensive overview of the field. They are essential reading for researchers of visual word recognition, and students on undergraduate and postgraduate courses in cognition and cognitive psychology, specifically the psychology of language and reading. They will also be of use to those working in education and speech-language therapy.

chapter |2 pages


ByJames S. Adelman

chapter |21 pages

Morphological Processing

A comparison of Graded and Categorical Accounts
ByLaurie Beth Feldman, Katherine Weber

chapter |20 pages

Meaning-Based Influences on Visual Word Recognition

ByPenny M. Pexman

chapter |29 pages

Lexical Priming

Associative, Semantic, and Thematic Influences on Word Recognition
ByLara L. Jones, Zachary Estes

chapter |29 pages

Eye Movements and Word Recognition During Reading

ByElizabeth R. Schotter, Keith Rayner

chapter |29 pages

Analysing Large Datasets of Eye Movements During Reading

ByJulian Heister, Kay-Michael Würzner, Reinhold Kliegl

chapter |20 pages

Bilingual Visual word Recognition in Sentence Context

ByAna I. Schwartz, Janet G. Van Hell

chapter |22 pages

Individual Differences in Skilled Visual Word Recognition and Reading

The Role of Lexical Quality
BySally Andrews

chapter |23 pages

Orthographic Learning and the Development of Visual Word Recognition

ByNicola A. McClung, Colleen R. O’Donnell, Anne E. Cunningham

chapter |20 pages

How Visual Word Recognition is Affected by Developmental Dyslexia

ByYusra Ahmed, Richard K. Wagner, Patricia Thatcher Kantor

chapter |28 pages

Biological-Level Account of Developmental Dyslexia

ByJohn F. Stein