Word recognition is the component of reading which involves the identification of individual words. Together the two volumes of Visual Word Recognition offer a state-of-the-art overview of contemporary research from leading figures in the field.

This first volume outlines established theory, new models and key experimental evidence used to investigate visual word recognition: lexical decision and word naming. It also considers methodological concerns: new developments in large databases, and how these have been applied to theoretical questions; and control considerations when dealing with words as stimuli. Finally, the book considers the visual-orthographic input to the word recognition system: from the left and right-hand sides of vision, through the processing of letters and their proximity, to the similarity and confusability of words, and the contribution of the spoken-phonological form of the word.

The two volumes serve as a state-of-the-art, comprehensive overview of the field. They are essential reading for researchers of visual word recognition, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students of cognition and cognitive psychology, specifically the psychology of language and reading. They will also be of use to those working in education and speech-language therapy.

chapter |2 pages


ByJames S. Adelman

chapter |25 pages

Dual-Route Theories of Reading Aloud

ByMax Coltheart

chapter |18 pages

A Parallel Activation Model with a Sequential Twist

ByKenneth I. Forster

chapter |26 pages


What do Millions (or so) of Trials Tell us about Lexical Processing?
ByDavid A. Balota, Melvin J. Yap, Keith A. Hutchison, Michael J. Cortese

chapter |23 pages

Methodological Issues with Words

ByJames S. Adelman

chapter |20 pages

Brain Asymmetry and Visual Word Recognition

Do we Have a Split Fovea?
ByMarc Brysbaert, Qing Cai, Lise Van der Haegen

chapter |26 pages

The Front end of Visual Word Recognition

ByJonathan Grainger, Stéphane Dufau

chapter |22 pages

The Orthographic Similarity of Printed Words

ByColin J. Davis

chapter |22 pages


An Early and Integral Role in Identifying Words
ByLaura K. Halderman, Jane Ashby, Charles A. Perfetti