Social impacts are increasingly used as one of the main justifications for staging and funding events, and yet there is very little empirical evidence on the extent to which these impacts are realised by different kinds of events or in different settings.

This timely volume fills this gap by being the first to explore the different social aspects of events, looking in particular at the role of events in developing social capital, social cohesion and participation in local communities. Based on cutting edge empirical research, it evaluatesthe contribution of both cultural and sports events to social capital, social cohesion, community spirit and local pride in range of different types of events and settings, with case studies drawn from Europe, Australia and South Africa. It therefore furthers knowledge about the social benefits and impacts of events and significantly contributes to the development of Events as a discipline.

Written by leading academics in this area, this volume is essential reading for all those interested in Events Management and Studies.

chapter |11 pages


ByLinda Wilks

part |30 pages

Events and social capital

chapter |16 pages

Festival connections

People, place and social capital
ByBernadette Quinn, Linda Wilks

chapter |12 pages

Events as a contributor to social capital

BySirpa Lassila, Kaija Lindroth, Teemu Rantanen

part |52 pages

Building community support: The European Capital of Culture

chapter |12 pages

Social capital in the metropolis BrabantStad

Exploring the role of a community event in developing social capital
ByLidka Kania

chapter |16 pages

Houdoe or Houdios? BrabantStad 2018

European Capital of Culture and the extent of identification of Brabant's inhabitants
ByChris-Anne Verhoeven

chapter |11 pages

European Capital of Culture - emancipatory practices and Euregional strategies

The case of Maastricht Via 2018
ByGraeme Evans, Bas van Heur

chapter |11 pages

Constructing social landscape through events

The glocal project of 's-Hertogenbosch
ByLénia Marques

part |59 pages

Sport events and social impacts

chapter |15 pages

Social impact of street soccer leagues

ByMartin Hendriks, Vera Toepoel

chapter |13 pages

A social responsibility scan at a major golf event in the Netherlands

Audience awareness and expectations
ByMarisa P. de Brito

chapter |15 pages

The social impacts of events

The case of the triathlon event ‘Spec-Savers Ironman' in South Africa
BySiyabonga Mxunyelwa, Dimitri Tassiopoulos

part |61 pages

Social impacts of events

chapter |16 pages

Cultural events as a tourist development strategy for rural areas

Two case studies from the Salento peninsula compared
ByKatia Rizzello, Anna Trono

chapter |13 pages

Achieving significant event impacts for young residents of the host community

The Adelaide Fringe Festival
ByEliza Hixson

part |19 pages


chapter |17 pages


The future of events as a social phenomenon
ByGreg Richards, Marisa P. de Brito