How Chinese Teach Mathematics and Improve Teaching builds upon existing studies to examine mathematics classroom instruction in China. It combines contributions from Chinese scholars with commentary from key Western scholars to offer multiple perspectives in viewing and learning about some important and distinctive features of mathematics classroom instruction. Viewing classroom instruction as part of teachers’ instructional practices, this book goes beyond teachers’ in-classroom instructional practice by also examining Chinese teachers’ approaches and practices in developing and improving teaching. Through this unique approach, How Chinese Teach Mathematics and Improve Teaching expands and unpacks the otherwise fragmented knowledge about Chinese practices in developing and carrying out mathematics classroom instruction.

This book is indispensible reading for those interested in Chinese practices in mathematics teaching, and is a key book for teacher educators, school administrators and policy makers in expanding ways of supporting and helping mathematics teachers in instructional development and improvement.

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SECTION I Introduction and Perspectives

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SECTION II Chinese Teachers’ Regular Practices for Developing and Improving Classroom Instruction

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SECTION III Mathematical Instruction Practices and Classroom Environment in China

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Section IV: Selected Approaches and Practices for Improving the Quality of Teachers and Their Teaching

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SECTION V Commentary

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This Book Speaks to Us: James Stigler, Belinda Thompson and Xueying Ji


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