Marriages spanning borders are not a new phenomenon, but occur with increasing frequency and contribute substantially to international mobility and transnational engagement. Perhaps because such migration has often been treated as ‘secondary’ to labor migration, marriage has until recent years been a neglected field in migration studies. In contemporary Europe, transnational marriages have become an increasingly focal issue for immigration regimes, for whom these border-crossing family formations represent a significant challenge. This timely volume brings together work from Europe and beyond, addressing the issue of transnational marriage from a range of perspectives (including legal frameworks, processes of integration, and gendered dynamics), presenting substantial new empirical material, and taking a fresh look at key concepts in this area.

part |37 pages

Part I Concepts

chapter |20 pages

1 Transnational Marriage

ByKatharine Charsley

chapter |15 pages

2 Transnational Marriage Migration and Marriage Migration

An Overview
ByLucy Williams

part |40 pages

Part II Legal Contexts

chapter |19 pages

3 Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere

Entry Clearance, Marriage Migration and the Border
ByHelena Wray

chapter |19 pages

4 Danish Regulations on Marriage Migration

Policy Understandings of Transnational Marriages
ByMartin Bak Jørgensen

part |63 pages

Part III Marriage, Transnationalism and Belonging

chapter |24 pages

5 Migration, Integration and Transnational Involvement

Muslim Family Migrants in Urban Areas in Britain
ByHiranthi Jayaweera

chapter |22 pages

6 Marrying at Home, Marrying Away

Customary Marriages and Legal Marriages in Ngazidja and in the Diaspora
ByIain Walker

chapter |15 pages

7 Transnational Marriage in Conflict Settings

War, Dispersal and Marriage among Sri Lankan Tamils
ByMaunaguru Sidharthan, Nicholas Van Hear

part |65 pages

Part IV Gender, Power and Visibility

chapter |16 pages

8 Transnational Families Breaking Up

Divorce Among Turkish Immigrants in Denmark
ByAnika Liversage

chapter |14 pages

9 Beyond the Stereotype of the ‘Thai-Bride'

Visibility, Invisibility and Community
ByJessica Mai Sims

chapter |14 pages

10 Capturing and Reproducing Marriages

Transnationalism, Materiality and the Wedding Video
ByKanwal Mand

chapter |19 pages

11 Marriage, Migration and Transnational Social Spaces

A View from the UK
ByKatharine Charsley