With increasing attention given by governments and policy makers to children’s transition to school, and the associated need for educators, families and communities to be supported in the process, changes are often required to existing structures and pedagogy.

This book is framed around the notion of transition as a time of change for those involved in the transition process and as a time for reconceptualising beliefs, policy and practice.

It explores transition from a number of international perspectives and raises issues around the coherence of:

  • how children perceive and respond to starting school;
  • the roles and expectations of parents;
  • developmental changes for parents;
  • supporting children with diverse learning needs;
  • how policy, curriculum and pedagogy are conceived and implemented.

Readers will be informed about current practices and issues arising out of research in Europe, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and Australia and will be stimulated to consider how they can change their own transition beliefs, policies and practices.

Transition to school: Contemporary Perspectives and Change is essential reading for researchers and educators and anyone wanting to know more about the transition to school and how to support young children, their families and schools.

part |10 pages


chapter |8 pages

A Conceptual Framework for Transition

ByKay Margetts, Anna Kienig

part |32 pages

Policy, curriculum frameworks and practice

chapter |9 pages

The Transition from Preschool to Primary School in Ireland

A time of change
ByMary O'Kane

chapter |10 pages

Inclusion and Transition To School In Australia

ByAnne Petriwskyj

part |55 pages

Outcomes for children and children's perspectives

chapter |11 pages

Towards Successful Transitions

ByHilary Fabian

chapter |13 pages

Transition to School

Contemporary Danish perspectives
ByAnders Skriver Jensen, Ole Henrik Hansen, Stig Broström

chapter |19 pages

What new Children Need to Know

Children's perspectives of starting school
ByKay Margetts

part |34 pages

Roles, expectations and experiences of families

chapter |11 pages

Families and the Transition to School

BySue Dockett, Bob Perry

chapter |11 pages

Reconceptualising the Inter-Relationship Between Social Policy and Practice

Scottish Parents' Perspectives
ByDivya Jindal-Snape, Elizabeth F. S. Hannah

part |13 pages

Reframing transition and curriculum

chapter |11 pages

Curriculum As a Tool for Change in Transitions Practices

Transitions practices as a tool for changing curriculum
ByAline-Wendy Dunlop

part |8 pages


chapter |6 pages

Beliefs, Policy and Practice

ByAnna Kienig, Kay Margetts