When the 2008 housing market bubble burst in the United States, a financial crisis rippled from the epi-center in the United States across borders into economies both near and far, causing persistent social and economic detriment in many countries. The Global Economic Crisis in Latin America: Impacts and Responses is an examination of the impacts and responses in the diverse Latin American region through the lens of three countries: Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

chapter 1|22 pages


ByMichael Cohen, Mitchell Cook, Tanushree Dutta Isaacman

part I|33 pages

Setting the global context

chapter 3|13 pages

The Global Economic Crisis

What does it mean for the developing world?
ByDeepak Nayyar

part II|55 pages

Argentina, Brazil and Mexico

chapter 4|26 pages

Argentina and the 2008–2009 International Economic Crisis

Unconventional Resilience
ByMartín Abeles

chapter 5|12 pages

Brazilian Economic Policy and the 2008–2009 Crisis

ByNelson Barbosa

chapter 6|15 pages

The Mexican Economy and the International Financial Crisis

ByJuan Carlos Moreno-Brid, Ramón Padilla-Pérez

part III|86 pages

Cross-cutting issues

chapter 7|22 pages

Global Recession and the Informal Economy

Evidence from Latin America and beyond
ByMartha Alter Chen

chapter 8|19 pages

The City in the Global Crisis

Understanding Impacts and Strengthening the Performance of Stimulus Packages
ByMichael Cohen

chapter 9|22 pages

Municipal Finance and Local State Performance in the Crisis

The Experience of Brazil and Mexico
ByMitchell Cook

chapter 10|21 pages

A Critical Juncture

Experimentation and Recovery
ByMichael Cohen, Tanushree Dutta Isaacman, Mitchell Cook