Adventure and outdoor sports - from rock climbing to freestyle kayaking – are a modern social phenomenon that can tell us much about the relationship between sport, culture and contemporary society. In this engaging new introductory text, adventure sports are used to illustrate key concepts in social theory and to demonstrate why an understanding of social theory is essential for any student taking a course in sport, adventure, or outdoor education.

Each chapter in the book introduces a key ‘classical’ or modern social theorist, including Marx, Durkheim, Weber and Elias, or a universal topic or issue in social theory, such as sustainability, commodification or identity. Within each of those chapters the theorist or topic is brought to life through case studies of adventurous activities and lived experiences, helping the reader to connect their own sporting and adventurous interests with the frameworks we use to understand wider culture and society. Concise and full of cutting-edge contemporary examples, Outdoor Adventure and Social Theory is the perfect companion for any module on the sociology of sport, adventure or outdoor recreation.

chapter |9 pages

Outdoor Adventure and Social Theory

BySimon Beames, Elizabeth C.J. Pike

part |31 pages

Classical Sociological Interpretations of Outdoor Adventure

chapter |9 pages

Karl Marx

Alienation and false consciousness in adventurous activities
ByCarl Cater, Greg Dash

chapter |11 pages

Emile Durkheim

Structural functionalism, adventure and the social order
ByMike Brown

chapter |8 pages

Max Weber

Rationalization and New Realms of the Commodity Form
ByPeter Varley

part |67 pages

Modern Social Theorists and Adventure Sports

chapter |10 pages

Antonio Gramsci

Freestyle Kayaking, Hegemony, Coercion and Consent
ByJerry Tracey

chapter |11 pages

Norbert Elias

The quest for excitement in Parkour
ByMichael Atkinson

chapter |11 pages

Erving Goffman

Sail training, interactionism and the ‘total institution’
ByKen McCulloch

chapter |11 pages

Pierre Bourdieu

Habitus, field and capital in rock climbing
BySimon Beames, John Telford

chapter |11 pages

Anthony Giddens

Structuration theory and mountaineering
ByPaul Beedie

chapter |11 pages

Michel Foucault

Power, surveillance and governmentality in outdoor education
ByRobyn Zink

part |53 pages

Contemporary Themes in Social Theory and Adventurous Activities

chapter |12 pages

Feminist Theory and Outdoor Leadership

ByLinda Allin, Amanda West

chapter |10 pages

Identity politics in the outdoor adventure environment

ByElizabeth C.J. Pike, Weinstock Johnny

chapter |12 pages

Globalization, the Market and Outdoor Adventure

ByLoynes Chris

chapter |12 pages

Outdoor Adventure in a Carbon-Light Era

ByKate Rawles

chapter |5 pages

Conclusions on Outdoor Adventure and Social Theory

ByPike Elizabeth C.J., Beames Simon