There is growing interest in social transformation in contemporary China, with much work published on the subject. This book is different from other books in that it presents an overview of the work of Chinese sociologists on how Chinese society is changing. It reports on a great deal of original research by leading, outstanding Chinese scholars, including extensive fieldwork and large-scale social change survey data, and covers comprehensively the full range of aspects of the subject. It assesses developments since the beginning of reform in China, and provides, overall, a comprehensive understanding of China’s social development and of the likely impact of future social changes on China.

chapter |2 pages


ByLi Peilin

chapter 1|31 pages

Chinese Society and the China Experience

ByLi Peilin

chapter 2|26 pages

Marriage and Family

ByYang Shanhua

chapter 3|26 pages

Lineage and Family

ByZhang Xiaojun

chapter 4|22 pages

Ethnicities and Ethnic Relations

ByHao Shiyuan

chapter 5|18 pages

Social Mentality and Contemporary Changes

ByZhou Xiaohong

chapter 6|22 pages

Demographic Transition and Economic and Social Development

ByCai Fang

chapter 7|19 pages

The Political System and Reform in China

ByYang Dali

chapter 8|26 pages

Urbanization and Urban–rural Relations

ByCai He

chapter 9|24 pages

Social Stratification and Institutional Change

ByLi Qiang

chapter 10|25 pages

Migrant Workers and Social Mobility

ByLi Chunling

chapter 11|22 pages

Anti-Poverty and Social Policies

ByGuan Xinping