Mapping Media in China is the first book-length study that goes below the ‘national’ scale to focus on the rich diversity of media in China from local, provincial and regional angles. China’s media has played a crucial role in shaping and directing the country’s social and cultural changes, and whilst these shifts have often been discussed as a single and coherent phenomenon, this ignores the vast array of local and regional variations within the country’s borders.

This book explores media as both a reflection of the diversity within China and as an active agent behind these growing differences. It examines the role of media in shaping regional, provincial and local identities through the prism of media economics and technology, media practices, audiences, as well as media discourses. The book covers a wide range of themes, including civil society, political resistance, state power and the production and consumption of place-specific memory and imagination.

With contributions from around the world, including original ethnographic material from scholars based in China, Mapping Media in China is an original book which spans a broad range of disciplines. It will be invaluable to both students and scholars of Chinese and Asian studies, media and communication studies, geography, anthropology and cultural studies.

part I|27 pages

Methodologies and frameworks

chapter |10 pages


ByWanning Sun, Jenny Chio

chapter 1|15 pages

Localizing Chinese media

A geographic turn in media and communication research
ByWanning Sun

part II|47 pages

Local politics

chapter 2|16 pages

Provincial papers, national power

The scaling up of the Nanfang Daily Media Group
ByYuezhi Zhao, Guoxin Xing

chapter 3|15 pages

Dialects and local media

The cases of Kunming and Yunnan TV
ByZhenzhi Guo

chapter 4|14 pages

Top-down policies versus grassroots resistance

The management of illegal satellite dishes in Chinese villages
BySun Wusan, John Alexander

part III|30 pages

Rural cultures

chapter 6|13 pages

‘Family' vs. ‘state' in media ritual

Fieldwork in an ethnic minority village in Yunnan province
ByJianbin Guo, Jingjing Chen

part IV|52 pages

Regional formations

chapter 7|17 pages

Shanzhaiji and the transformation of the local mediascape in Shenzhen

ByCara Wallis, Jack Linchuan Qiu

chapter 8|17 pages

Contemporary art and mediatization in Brand PRD™

ByCarolyn Cartier

chapter 9|16 pages

Sliding scales

The mediated lives of Miao pop singer A You Duo
ByLouisa Schein

part V|53 pages

Rescaling place

chapter 10|15 pages

Making an empty show of strength

Media and the politics of discernment in provincial place branding projects1
ByTim Oakes

chapter 11|17 pages

Living Red

Production, consumption and local memory of revolutionary culture in Linyi
ByQian Gong

chapter 12|19 pages

Heritage struggles and place-makings in Zhejiang Province

Local media, cross-regional media interactions and media strategies from below
ByMarina Svensson