The book aims at offering a comparative, multi-perspective analysis of the different, at times parallel, at times with varying degrees of interdependence, macroeconomic and structural adjustments in the two continents against the backdrop of important processes of regional integration. Its reading offers a multifaceted appreciation of the reality emerging from the mixing up of longer run tendencies deepened by the brute force of the financial and then industrial crisis.

chapter |16 pages


ByLionello F. Punzo, Carmem Aparecida Feijo, Martín Puchet Anyul

part Part I|74 pages

The two continents' macroeconomic scenarios

chapter 1|17 pages

Growth under strain in the European Union

A long-run perspective
ByFrancesco Farina

chapter 2|15 pages

Regional integration and growth

An empirical assessment for Latin American countries
ByChristine Carton, Sadri Slim

chapter 3|16 pages

Development and inequality in Latin America and Europe

ByCelia Lessa Kerstenetzky, Ernesto Savaglio

chapter 4|12 pages

Aggregate threshold effects in the generation of human capital

The cases of Latin America and Europe
ByJoilson Dias, John McDermott

chapter 5|12 pages

International interdependence and macroeconomic transmission

Europe and Latin America
ByMaria Helena Ambrosio Dias, Joilson Dias, Lionello F. Punzo

part Part II|117 pages

Sectors, technologies and trade

chapter 6|14 pages

Latin American exports to the European Union

Opportunities for Latin American development1
ByJosé Manuel García de la Cruz, David Matesanz Gómez, Ángeles Sánchez Díez

chapter 7|25 pages

Commercial integration and the structure of trade flows in Latin America

ByMarta Castilho, Martín Puchet Anyul

chapter 8|16 pages

Economic integration and mobility versus persistence of technological specialization patterns

Some evidence from the European Union and Latin American experiences
ByAna Urraca Ruiz

chapter 9|13 pages

Latin America

Relative performance, structural change and technological capabilities in historical perspective1
ByLuis Bértola, Carlos Bianchi, Mario Cimoli, Gabriel Porcile

chapter 10|16 pages

Brazil's economy – 1971–2008

Growth pattern and structural change
ByCarmem Aparecida Feijo, Lionello F. Punzo, Marcos Tostes Lamônica

chapter 11|17 pages

An eventful evolution

The Argentine growth experience 1950–2010
ByDaniel Heymann, Adrián Ramos

chapter 12|14 pages

The Mexican economy in 1960–2010

From import substitution and state-led industrialization to export-led slow growth
ByJuan Carlos Moreno-Brid, Jaime Ros

part Part III|72 pages

Third millennium industries

chapter 13|14 pages

Audiovisual industries and their growth prospects

EU and Latin America
ByGustavo Buquet, Carlos Casacuberta

chapter 14|14 pages

Software and information services

Transnational corporations' strategies in Latin America and Europe1
ByPaulo Bastos Tigre, Felipe Silveira Marques

chapter 15|13 pages

New roles for the agribusiness sectors

Technological trajectories and institutional settings
ByAna Célia Castro

chapter 16|17 pages

Tourism and growth

Stories of two continents
BySalvatore Bimonte, Juan Gabriel Brida, Manuela Pulina, Lionello F. Punzo

chapter 17|12 pages

Oil and gas industry

Capability building experiences
ByFrederico Rocha